Tuesday, November 18

I dreamt of buttons..

Over at the Button Floozies we are having our first annual International Button Week! Here is some eye candy of button lovelies I have posted in the past years. I don't have the time to photograph new buttons today, but hopefully by tomorrow or Thursday I'll have a photo journey through buttonland! Check back! As the 'first floozy' I am so happy to have found so many other like minded, fabulous, fun ladies!! Thank you all for joining in the fun and helping to raise $$ for the American Cancer Society!!




Kathleen Grace said...

Oh, great gobs of beautiful button goodness! I love all these photos. I will be celebrating button week later in the week:>) Thanks for thinking of it Abbie!

Autumn said...

Beautiful stuff Abbie!!!!
Pure delight!
I don't do a thing with my buttons- but these pictures inspire me to try!
Thanks for adding the link to my blog-I'm still learning the finer points of blogland!

Jessica Rodarte said...

Oh so pretty. Definitely eye candy! ;)

Merisi said...

You have a wonderful collection of buttons, I couldn't take my eyes off them for quite a while (listening to music enhanced the experience! *g*)!

There was once a beautiful button store right in the center of Vienna,
a dozen years or so ago it become a chocolate lover's heaven. The new owners kept the 1840s interior, even a few old button boxes on top of the shelves. I posted a picture of the store here (you'll find more images, mostly chocolates though, if you put "K├Ânig" in the search window of my blog).

I am planning on photographing another oldfashioned button store, still going strong, in the not too far future.

ELLIE said...

I remember those hanging buttons - and I still think they are absolutely awesome!!!
Love the button pics - so much eye candy - my eyes just jump around taking it all in!
take care--Ellie

Anke Martin said...

Oh wonderful photos! Wow, you do have a lot of buttons, looks like you can swim in them, that would be a interesting feeling.....wouldn't you like to know too?
Well, anyway, enjoy the Button and have lot's of fun!!!!
Smiles, Anke ;)

Charlene said...

LOVE the idea of Button Week. It just fell at a bad time for me to dig up all I want to post or photo shoot of this subject. So gald to be a Floozy even if this week I am a slacker. Thanks for putting this all together.

Anonymous said...

Wow! So many lovely buttons! :) I'm off to check out the links....

Tay. said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and it's wonderful! I collect buttons so of course, this post has me drooling. Thank you for sharing your buttons with someone who lives for that many. haha.