Friday, October 17

The gathering.

Welcome to my home!
Please remember to thank our lovely hostess, Vanessa, for holding such a lovely bit of fun! You will find oddities and curiosities abound here.

Down Abbie's Road things are not so pretty, and most definitely not what they seem. Yes, all of the critters hang on our walls. Truly, they do.

Even Princess Katie has dressed for the occasion, wearing her best.

Please be sure to check to behind you, as the guests will be arriving all evening.

Even the tiniest of insects are joining the soiree.

I don't mean to boar you, alas, I fear, some of my guests are quite hard to bear.

Oh, deer, even the rats have begun to gather.

Spiders, however, will not be found in these parts as I find them just too gruesome!
But their tiny trails are left all over..

Perhaps you may find a bit of science, a bit of whimsy.

Always, good cooking.

Please have excellent conversations and meet new friends.

Don't forget your coat, as it is quite brisk out tonight.
Thank you for stopping by, perhaps I'll see you again.

It was a pleasure.
Don't forget to sign the guestbook as I'd love to visit you in return!



(All images as shown the creation of Abigail Mooney and may not be reproduced without permission. You may find some of the images I used at The Vintage Moth, Sandra Evertson, or below.)

A few goodies just for you... images courtesy of Martha, Oct. '07 Right click to enlarge, then save 'em.


Lola Enchanted said...

Hello, what an errily post!!! I love it.. Fantastic and dreamy!!!
The music really makes it all come together in a most magical way!!!

Stop by my party and enter my giveaway!!!!

Happy Halloween, I will be back for another visit!!!~

LW said...

Spooktacular party, magical and fun..
Thank you for the thrilling time!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful blog..

KathrynAntyr said...

Your digital art is amazing. Thanks for the goodies. The Vintage Moth images came in so handy for my main photo the one of Penelope and her pet bat! The main photo though I took last weekend while visiting a local cemetery.

Oh you'll recognize one of the skulls from VM on my brain tonic label.

Happy {early} Halloween!

Tracey J said...


How wonderful! You have perfected my twitchy witchy mood today!
I love the music!

I will absolutely be stopping by on my return trip through Oz (atleast that what it is starting to feel like~ tee hee!)

Enjoy the day (and more so the night!)

Tracey J.

Amy said...

I love all your pictures, and I love your music!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I couldn't help feeling like someone was watching over my shoulder while I was reading your post. Truely spooky. Have a Happy Halloween! Twyla

Rowena said...

What a lovely and welcoming spot for us (not always so) good witches!

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Wow- what a mesmerizing blog. Thanks for sharing such beauty!!

I'm having a giveaway so come check it out ;)

Salinda said...

what whimsy! Wonderful! Happy Halloween.

AwtemNymf said...

I'm Blog Hopping from Vanessa's "A Fanciful Twist" Party <{:O) Spooky post, but I enjoyed it :O)
Thank you for sharing Martha's vintage images! I love Halloween Vintage!
Stop by my place too... I'm having a couple of give-aways!
Have a bootiful day!
Be Enchanted!

Elizabeth said...

I love the photograph of the keys!
Thanks for sharing the images!

Laume said...

Your digital art is wickedly enchanting. Truly! Learning to manipulate my images is quickly rising to the top of my "Learn How To Do" List. I'll definitely be back to visit again, it's lovely to meet you. I hope you'll have time to stop by my little corner of the party.

Shell said...

I love your gothic Halloween party. The picture of the wolf just wonderful.

NyteRayn said...

I was just hanging out over at a Fanciful Twist’s party and I thought I’d check out your blog! Some amazing images here- thanks for sharing!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... what a fun party! I must say your vintage images are TO-DIE-FOR. You are an amazingly talented lady. I'll definitely be back.

Happy Halloween! - Amanda

madrekarin said...

Abbie- Your images are fantastically eerie and beautiful and perfectly matched to teh music on your playlist. I've so enjoyed my visit!!

Anke said...

Oh how fun was that! I really enjoyed it, you did an awesome job on it! Thanks for sharing it, looks like you had a blast doing it! Smiles, Anke ;)
PS: I finally posted some more details about my even yesterday.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks ever so much for having me! Your artwork is enchanting! I stopped over from Vanessa's, hope you'll come by for a cupcake today!

Witchy Blessings,

Sandra Evertson said...

That was absolutely STUNNING!
Happy Halloween!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Abbie!

It was so good to hear from you my friend! Your art is amazing! :o) Thanks so much for sharing! Have a beautiful week!



PCarriker said...

Ooo, that sure gets me in the mood for Halloween! Wonderfully done! I love the spooky images.

Celestial Charms said...

Spectacular images. Inspiring and inviting. Come visit us at our Halloween Party to have some fun and kick up your heels.

3rdEyeMuse said...

thanks for the wickedly delightful post - some of your images are simply to die for! said...

Youbanner, the colors of you images, the images themselves, my gooodnesss!! Are they published/? They are unreal!! Hauntigly fabulous!! Cakle Cackle!!

Patricia said...

What a lovely party and photos. I will return to visit your wonderful blog. Happy Halloween and thank you for having me - also for the images.

Marilyn said...

Hi, Abbie...your digital skills are incredible! All of the images are amazing---I thought I could comment on a favorite but it would be too difficult to choose:) I enjoyed a wonderful visit to your blog...thank you!
{also thanks for stopping by my Halloween party}

Creating Myself said...

Great images! You're very talented!!!!! Happy Halloween!

Rhondamum said...

That was a wickedly awesome post Abbie. I loved it! Did it take you a lot of time to create all of this cool and spooky pics? I'm impressed! Thanks for sharing!



Jenn said...

stunning pictures!! I've enjoyed my visit so much. Perfectly magical!!

Thanks for stopping by my party Abbie! Happy Halloween!!!


LiLi M. said...

Abbie!!!!!! Why do I only you from the buttonfloozies?? This is great! I'm almost speachless lol! Thanks for a great post and sharing the goodies!

Altered Route said...

Sorry so late to visit...I traveled Vanessa's list from the bottom up this time. Great pictures and thanks to the clip art!!
Happy Halloween from a Soul Journal Sista!

Michelle said...

Just starting now to visit the rest of the party goers from Vanessa's blog! Stop by and say Hi! Happy Halloween!

erin said...

I enjoyed your photo montage! I can't wait to come back and explore some more!
Happy Halloween!

Mary said...

Oh Abbie, what FUN!!! You really ought to be a graphic artist! Love the dark side of Halloween -- so much more fun than all that orange...


Viola said...

I love all your digital art, Abbie! Fabulous work as always! Have a great week! :o)

prutsels said...

Scary Sweet!