Monday, October 20

Back to reality...

Oh, the parties this weekend were head spinning! If you are still visiting for Vanessa's Halloween Party, scroll down a bit, my post for it is just below this one.

I suppose it is time for reality to settle back in. It was quite dreamy, and very inspiring! Thank you to those who left such encouraging comments. It is nice to hear that others enjoy my work too. There is quite a dark side to me, and I love to bring it out in my art. A few glimpses of my journal pages. I am working on some for Kathryn's Soul Journal Halloween Blog Party. I'm not sure if I can catch up.. but it is nice to be journaling again just for the sake of it.

I thought today I'd introduce you to Bonnie and Clyde. My wee sidekicks that follow me around the house all day. Miniature Pinschers, a brother and sister. We didn't realize when we named them that their names would be so appropriate, but they can certainly raise some hell when the mood strikes.

Bonnie Bonnie



Have a lovely week, thank you for visiting! I'd love to see your journals or pets (I know, quite the combo!) leave your link in a comment and I'll take a peek!




ELLIE said...

first - your fur babies are absolutely adorable and I love the names - how awesome - they look so alert and ready to go!!!
your halloween open house below is pretty cool - love what you did with the pictures - really all of it is wonderful -
So glad to see you around girlfriend - you take care

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I visited over the weekend and didn't know what had happened! It was WILD. LOL!

Bonnie and Clyde are very handsome dogs. I didn't even know that such a breed existed. Just what you need is more of a ruckus, right? If kids, a mil, and a hubby don't don't create enough excitement, the dogs will.

Mary said...

I love min pins -- they are such an elegant breed. And I love their names -- how cute!

Anke said...

HI Abbie, they sure look like active can see it in their eyes. The kids must love it, I know Maya and Lars would love it. My parents have labrador so that is something totally different....
I love what you create right now digitally! Keep on going, it's so refreshing and inspiring! I enjoy looking at your art everytime.
So one more week and the big event is here, enjoy the time till then!
Smiles, Anke ;)

Rhondamum said...

Ok, so, I am obviously way behind in visiting you. I want to comment on every one of your posts. It is amazing what you can do digitally. I am still new to that and I wish I had your talent. Don't you use photoshop?

I LOVE your pups! I was trying to find a MP for myself, and I was going to name it Killer (after the band but I am sure you figured that one out). We had seen two walking down the street before we went in to one of their concerts and were in the process of looking for a new dog. We ended up with a Spitz that my husband fell in love with. He is a great addition though!


Mary said...

What beautiful doggies! And wonderful photos capturing their essence. We have 3 rat terriers ~ 2 are black and white with tan coloring, but our youngest, Sophie, is a black and tan who resembles your "minpins" greatly.

Love your music too!

Warm regards,