Monday, November 10

GIVEAWAY! Sweet Abigail and Sweet Sophia

Abigail and Sophia had a photo shoot today. All their clothing is finished, the editing is done and the pdf files are all ready to go! Wooohoooo!! Sophia and Abigail really were quite camera shy at first.. but after a little bit these ladies relaxed and we had fun with it!

As we photographed, clothing went flying, littering the floor of their mock studio.

I think it was the hats they enjoyed the most.. there are four different hats, one to match each dressing gown.

There was also jewelry, gloves, flowers and hair to be done. Oh, it was just exhausting trying to keep these ladies composed.

Abigail is on the right in the shot below, with the blond hair blue eyes. She is the original Raphael Tuck design. Sophia is the dark haired, brown eyed beauty on the left. Mysterious isn't she? She is my recreation of the Abigail doll.

Such lovely gowns! Oh, the places these two have seen! Sweet Abigail is, after all, 114 years old. She looks fabulous for her age, don't you think?

Both dolls and all the outfits in these photos were printed from the doll kit pdf files. I wanted to test them before offering them to you. The details and colors are fantastic!

Lovin' the blue hat.. very casual.. perhaps for a picnic in the park.

Oh, the elegant gold toned gown is a must for any fashionable girl from the 1890's. Pearls, a fancy feather fan and fleur de lis finish it off just perfectly.

On to the prize! Below is the portfolio I created to keep Abigail and Sophia safe. I used antique sheet music and the original box cover design from 1894. The girls and all of the their outfits tuck in nicely.

This is a lovely idea for giving Sweet Abigail as a gift. Print out the doll set, which includes the cover page and helpful hints, and tuck her into an embellished handmade envelope, folder or box. Wallpaper or scrapbooking paper would work nicely too.

Tie it with a ribbon and embellish with a glitter letter.

What a lovely gift to give, or to WIN!!! This exact portfolio, the two dolls shown in the above pictures and all of their outfits are my giveaway prize! But don't fret, Sweet Abigail is available to purchase as a pdf from my Etsy Shop for only $5. Print her as many times as you would like, use her in your art and please give her away!

Recreating this Sweet Abigail paper doll has been a project on my 'to do' list for almost a year. Now that she is finished, I am almost sad. I enjoyed playing with her and, to me, the design work for the kit is the most fun of all.

Little details add so much. Giving a handmade gift for Christmas, Birthdays, or just because means the world to those receiving them. Try to make more gifts this year, give your love and a little bit of your time. Reuse, reduce, and upcycle. Who knew vintage ribbon, vintage flowers and old sheet music could look so good?

I will be drawing a winner for Sweet Abigail and Sweet Sophia on Monday, November 17th. You may leave a comment here, on this post or on the original giveaway post. You may enter TWICE!! ( to do that all I ask is that you mention the giveaway on your bog/site.) You can post a comment on both posts if you would like and both entries will count.

Thank you for your patience!




Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

So very beautiful!! Also, loving your music!
chris p

Linda Raithel said...

How wonderful these paper dolls are!! Truly a work of art! It is obvious the joy you experienced in their creation!

Jennifer said...

I've got a girl with a bday in November who would love this!

Anke said...

Oh Abbie you did an awesome job! Look at those two! They are gorgeous! And the photo shooting! I really enjoyed your post! Fingers crossed that they sell with a great success!!!!!
Smiles, Anke ;)

Minx said...

Oh, my gosh - my MOTHER........yes, she is 76 and STILL loves and PLAYS with paperdolls!! If I win, Mom, your Christmas is complete!!! And thanks, Abbie, for sharing and having such a fun site!! Blessings, Minx

Lisa said...

Lovely Abbie! I do understand the sadness of finishing a project : /
Hope I win one : )

lmerie said...

I loved paper dolls when I was a child! Beautifull set!

Good Mourning Glory said...

They turned out beautiful! I would love to give it a go myself!

Tara said...


These are 2 great lookin' gals!

ShabbyInTheCity said...


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Would love to win this for my granddaughter. Thansk for the free images over @ the Vintage Moth!

Pat Winter said...

Abbie, They are beautiful. I know what you mean about the process of creating being the most fun. That is why I enjoy having giveaways too. Please enter me in the fun! I'm afraid I would be keeping her myself if I won.
I enjoy your images, thanks so much.

Joanie Hoffman said...

You did good!
And doesn't it feel great to cross something off a list?
Happy days,

craftyhala said...

Those are so fun.

Mary said...

I love the paper dolls.

Sharon said...

Such wonderful memories your beautiful dolls have brought back. One can tell how much you love them, by all the detail you've put into them. All children today should have the joy of your paper dolls.

Sandie R said...

Abbie I knew from the previous post that Abigail looked great but seeing here and Sophia with all their finery WOW11 they are to die for I love everything about them. If I were to win I'm not sure I would be able to give them away.
Sandie -
off to post your giveaway on my blog

Celestial Charms said...

Fabulous paper dolls. So beautiful and full of life!

Suzie Button said...

What a cute doll! Thanks for hosting a giveaway! I'll mention your giveaway tomorrow on my blog. suzie

Jensmere said...

What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

your paper dolls are so beautiful! Thank you for a chance to win them!

Linda said...

I adore paper dolls and these are just lovely! I love the way you've presented them.

Sue said...

The dolls are just wonderful. So pretty. You must be so proud. x

*Birgit* said...

What lovely dolls! :)

Greetings from Munich,

Shelly Hickox said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I just stumbled on your blog this evening and love it. I will definitely be coming back soon! Thanks also for all the free clipart. :-)

Meg said...

How beautiful!! I love Tuck's art work. And a givaway! Very exciting :) Off to post it on my blog!

Rosalie Elmore said...

Abbie,I have to tell you these dolls are absolutely astounding ...oh my, the detail on these is just incrediable. I would be sad to not be playing with them after working a year on them too. You have done a magnificant job on these dolls my dear.

I am 65 so I come from that era!! I loved to play with paperdolls as a young girl. But had nothing like these beautiful creations. *Big Hugs *

Anonymous said...

How fun to play again with paper dolls- I don't remember how long it's been!

So glad to come across your blog and I would love to be put in for this fun giveaway!

will be back too!

Joanie said...

I love paper dolls. My mother used to cut out the Betsy McCall paper doll page and save them in the "rainy day" box.