Sunday, January 29

A flower study. I am trying to focus on the line. the movement. I added the color as an after thought, and actually I think I liked it better just a line. I also made three ATC's using the same style and posted them at under the user name damseldesigns. I think they'll get a good response. I already have someone who wants to trade but I want to leave them available for while. I seem to be in a black, yellow and green phase right now.. I am really gravitating to those specific colors. I am thrilled with the response I got to my Illustration Friday entry. I didn't realise how many people would check it out! should have found that a long time ago.. I eagerly look forward to Fridays now!

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Jessie said...

Eight cards in your gallery right now with yellow predominant... what a great color that is--so lighthearted and airy. 'Breath of spring' sound so cliche, but there ya are. Sorry I missed 'Daisy'--lovely card and my grandmother's favorite flower.