Monday, January 9

Hello. I have successfully taken all the photos of the milkweed pods. Now I just need to play with them. Unfortunately, not today :( I have way too much to do.. Tomorrow perhaps.. My ATC's are flying from my home! It seems I CAN actually create little works of art people want! Who knew?

I have yet to find a binding agent for my notepad.. but its coming. Atleast I wrote it down. If you want to accomplish something.. WRITE IT DOWN! I would also like to start my plate printing again. Alas, no space. Our house now will not be done til April. AND that includes my studio.. sniff. sniff. sad.

I like my maniquins. Need to do more. I should really think about investing in a wooden one that I can manipulate in front of me, but I do like the idea of drawing them with no reference. There is no reference for me for their environment, so why should I have a reference for them? That decided, no maniquin needed.

Above a rudimentary example of my maniquins.. (and their unreferenced environment)

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