Wednesday, January 4

How much fun is this??!!

I'm currently working on thank you cards for Christmas presents. I know, not exactly fine art but they are definitely fun! I like mixing my media.. ribbons, buttons, papers, colors, pen and ink, blah blah blah..

I have an insatiable lust for paper! Any colors, textures, handmade, opalescent, origami, plastics, old, new, recycled, metallic. You get the idea. I have paper EVERYWHERE!

I love to dry my own flowers too. I still have a slew of grasses and the like from last summer use. I hate to use the spray adhesive around my daughter though. :( so I have been abstaining from the dried flower bit until I can go outside and spray. (It's cold and snowy here so I'd rather not go out if I can avoid it)

I need to search for another way to adhere the grasses and dried flowers without a spray adhesive. (or atleast a toxic one) I guess I need to make a trip to my local supply store..

Off we go.. into the wild blue yonder!

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