Tuesday, January 3

I was laying in bed last night and my mind would NOT settle down. It was spewing colors and ideas all over the place. I almost got up and started to work, but as a mother of a seven month old, that WAS NOT an option. She was sleeping so I needed to sleep.

So, here they are. I thought of a note pad. Simple I know. Held together with two holes punched in the top. A metal rod, branch (that's the norm) or pencil could be placed on top and held securely with a rubber band (for the metal), raffia or jute (for the branch) or shoelace material (for the pencil). As for the paper.. well I was thinking really graphic. Circles, stripes, bold leaves, faded love notes.

Today I'll impliment and see what occurs.. I thought that the hardware store may have also brads or nuts and screws that could bind together the pages also. I want the pages to be able to be torn off with out too much work. I also need to keep cost down for the parts so I can produce large quantities for sale and needless to say... profit.

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Caron said...

I get inspired walking around Home Depot. One of the tenets of my work is to keep it inexpensive. I like to put materials together that haven't been together before or find different ways of doing things with the tools that I have. Of course, the more tools one has the more they can do. ;-)

I started printing on cloth because:

1. I didn't have room for a darkroom

2. I didn't want to mess with the chemicals anymore

3. I didn't see anyone else doing it.

This idea of writing down your art process is good. Keep it focused and save the friend connection stuff for your Myspace site. Don't worry about people "stealing" your ideas. Even if they did, they would interpret it for themselves. I get a lot of my inspiration from looking at other peoples' work.