Monday, February 27

UHHggghh. I'm getting sick. Yeeaachhhdgghhhaaauuugghhh.. I REALLY don't like being sick but in this house right now I think that it is unavoidable. My husband just got over the flu. My daughter has a double ear infection and Z, well he's OK. For now. I have a doc appt at 2:45 today. Hopefully they will say I'm deathly ill and need specialty care at a spa/hospice; somewhere tranquil.

Ahh.. to get a massage right now. Oh that would be the ultimate. But hey.. a side tackle by a 3 foot 7 year old is almost as good and the tongue kisses from my eight month old just can't be beat!

I'm ill, but that's ok. I've got kids to fill my Love Bucket!

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Rrramone said...

Hope you feel better soon! And thanks for the kind words about my LINES. :-)