Thursday, March 30

Drawing on the walls..

The sap flows here in New Hampshire right now. My grandfather, although gone, still lives in his sap house. My uncle runs it now. Z and I stopped by yesterday to check it out. I was looking around with my camera and spotted some sketches on the wall. Faces peering back at me. Almost like ghosts of those who worked here before. I asked my uncle about them and he told me a really neat story that I wanted to share.

Everytime he lights the fire under the boilers he uses a long thin stick. After blowing it out, the end is charcoal. Not wanted to waste it, and having a need to draw everyday, he sketches on the wall until the charcoal is gone. My uncle is a frugal and excentric man. A facinating person who teaches me every time I see him. I learned not waste the charcoal, and to draw everyday. Even if it's on the walls.

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