Tuesday, March 21

It's being mailed today.. I'm letting my book fly. Alittle nerve wracking. I put alot of work into it. (I'm sure everyone else has worked terribly hard on their's too!) It takes faith. Faith in complete strangers that they will care fot it, be gentle, and that they will add their best. I can just hope that I will see my book again in 6 months. That's a very long time for someone who really likes 'immediate gratification'. I will be getting a new book every month to work on. That should be really neat. Especially as the months pass because they will be more complete. It will be facinating to see how the others interpreted the theme or idea of the individual books. OK. It'll be a great experience. Perhaps it will serve an even greater purpose of deepening my faith in humanity.

Ok, perhaps no that extreme. :) But it'll be good. I'll post the books I recieve and the pages I add to them. Come back to check them out!

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