Wednesday, March 1

Sometimes the thoughts in my head are far form what gets translated onto the paper. I'm not sure if I don't have the necessary training, skill, or what but it is very frustrating. I can see things in my mind but yet have no way to interpret them into a tangible sketch or object. I truly envy the artist that has found their place in the world. They have developed a body of work that is unmistakably theirs. Perhaps, because of that missing link, I am not yet an artist. I am still an explorer. My work tends to run the range of any and all mediums, colors, sizes, emotions. I have yet to find that style of art that is solely mine. Abbie's. The pieces that will define me long past my lifetime. Perhaps I will never find that rhythm that I'm looking for. I am a highly restless person and have a constant urge for change. I get bored and fizzle out in the things that I master. Once I can sell a particular type of work, or people start to show interest I change. Morph. But I'm not sure what I am changing into yet. Where does my path of paint, paper and crap lead me?


Jessie said...

"Crap" made me laugh out loud, Abbie, and I'm sure it was because all the way through reading this, I was going, "Yeah! Oh, yeah! Exactly! OMG, same here!" and of course it was funny in the end to hear the same well-chosen word that I would have picked. I can't begin to guess how many things I've started, worked on for awhile, and wandered away from to start some whole other thing. Sometimes it's just that I've satisfied whatever itch or curiosity made me start it in the first place, and sometimes it's like you said, I don't have the know-how to get where I wanted to go with it. I end up with a lot of unfinished things, or things I might have gotten really good at if I'd stuck with them for awhile but lost interest too soon. I don't know what the answer is to that. There's definitely a sort of commerce-in-the-USA mentality that makes me think I should be able to sell my skills or my work, somehow make a living from what I'm doing. But I don't know whether I would even want to keep doing the same thing over and over anyway. I think it would soon cease to feel like creativity and start feeling a lot like production work.

kate said...

I too have many many projects I started then lost steam or passion about.

I took 3 lessons with an Italian painter recently. He was amazing. Giovanni... His theory is that every stroke on the canvas has to 'speak' to you. If it doesnt dont put it down.

It would seem to be counter productive (and take forever) but what happens is that you are true to yourself with your art and not just adding to add. Not just trying to move the project forward and find the message, but you deliver it with each touch.

It was really helpful to me. Unfortunately I havent done much painting since my lesson... maybe the new theme from Illustration Fri will inspire me.

sorry I was so long winded... great blog and great art!