Wednesday, April 5

Last night I heard the waves.

The ice has melted. The lake is opened. The water is moving and so are we. In 10 days to be exact. Although this home on the water has been quite an experience (not all of it good, like the 70 foot tree that swayed above my sons bedroom in the heavy wind storms) I will be glad to be away from it. The last 8+ months here have been, to say the least, crazy. Taylor has learned to sit, stand, jibber, coo, and almost walk here. (She still might get the walking thing before next Friday) Zack has had his entire first year of school.

Watching the water go through its annual cycle has been really facinating. It took so long for the lake to freeze, yet it seemed to take only moments for it to thaw. So last night, as we watched TV and took the gorgeous view out our living room window for granted, we heard the waves. When we went to sleep, it was freezing rain and the waves had stopped. Perhaps we will hear them again before we leave.

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