Thursday, April 20

Since we last chatted...

Since we last chatted my litle world has been in complete turmoil. I successfully managed to extend weekend of moving into atleast a week. Lets see... where shall I begin? How about last Wednesday.. I was moving the VERY FIRST box from our rental when I stepped on a stone paver(a round, loose one) outside and sprained my ankle. OK.. start off moving day on crutches in an aircast. GREAT. Where next?? Oh yeah.. Fri, Sat and Sun I felt nauseous and Monday, well, its not pretty. I ended up in the ER at 11 pm and got 2 bags of fluid and medicine for my stomach and nausea. That puts a slight damper on Illo Friday, Studio Friday, and my ENTIRE LIFE. Today, THURSDAY, I now feel pretty good. Back to myself, but now I have a sh*tload of work to be done, and a very tired body to do it with.

OK.. enough gripping. My bed in calling. Tomorrow, I will accomplish ALOT. It will be a good day.



Caron said...

Hope you're feeling better. :-)

How's the new house?

Take care,

Jess D'Zerts said...

Sheesh, if it ain't one thing, it's another, and another, and another, eh? I do hope you've recovered from the worst of it by now. Good wishes!

Abbie said...

Thank You!!
I am feeling much better!! and we are almost all moved in!
:) Abbie