Monday, June 5

How about Moscow?

Moscow Subway Station- 1989 -photo taken by Abbie
Moscow. When I was there it was the end of October and sooo cold. Well below freezing. I have these wierd, almost distorted memories of the city. Huge, expansive roads, empty. No people or cars. Cold, grey, dark and very lonely. I finally figured it out. When we flew in it was almost midnight. From the airport, instead of going to our hotel, we went to Red Square. (had to squeeze in as much as possible in our limited time) Now that is a sight to see at 1 o'clock in the morning. It was lit up and very huge and very empty. I ran out of film in my camera and unfortunately don't have pictures. I have but one taken that night when we arrived. The Moscow subway. All underground (too cold to be above ground) and absolutely magnificent. It goes to show. Communism is a strange creature. People live very meager lives, but everyone shares in the chandeliers, frescoes, and guilding of the subway. Marble was everywhere and it simply sparkled. It was out of a museum or palace. Very surprising and surreal in the middle of the night. Not what I expected.
It is alittle different during the day.. I searched Moscow Subway images on Yahoo and found this one taken by John Straube during the day. Almost the exact same view.

Photo by John Straube found on Yahoo

How strange is that? We were standing in almost the same spot only 15 years apart. Not much has changed..

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