Monday, June 12

Weekly Photoshop Challenge

"Comical Critters or Characters....
I'm sure you have seen them, those goofy and freaky greeting cards where the images are distorted or altered? Well, this is your challenge for this week's
Weekly Photoshop Challenge. Using a photo of your choice, manipulate and alter the image so it represents a comical critter or character. You can also think of this as a photo caricature; exaggerating different prominent features of the original image. Here are just a couple of simple examples I created to give you an idea. But, be as creative as you can be...and go "all out" if you can!" -Weekly Photoshop Challenge

This is Clyde, my Miniature Pinscher. He has the ego of Great Dane and the intelligence of a wet rag. I love him dearly, but it was definitely fun messing around with his face! Thank you Krista for the suggestion of this challenge! I actually just have a limited version of Photoshop 5. I am saving up for the PS CS2, but its gonna take alittle while.


Tammy said...

He's so cute - cuter without the third eye and specs, but that's funny!! This was a fun challenge! :)

Mimmsical Creations

AndyDoodler said...

Funny- and trippy!

TXArtcGal said...

ROFL!! Awesome! LOVE the third Great job!