Friday, July 21

Illustration Friday: Opposites

I haven't contributed to Illo Friday for awhile.. I just really haven't had the time and nothing I thought of fit. This week I forced myself to do it and I am really pleased with the results!
What is more opposite than a girl and a boy?

To see more opposites visit Illustration Friday.


Diane Duda said...

I'm so glad you posted. I love it!

Caron said...

Is that a heart I see? ;-)

Abbie said...

yep, it's a heart.. I have been going through a 'cute and cuddly' phase.. Sick isn't?
;) Abbie

Ouissi Gresty said...

These are so cute...really them!

Ouissi x

Alina Chau said...

so sweet and cute!

annax said...

So sweet and lovely!

Roy Blumenthal said...

Aw, sweet! It really touches me right now, even though I'm normally allergic to whimsy. I'm in the middle of a potential breakup. Blah. So you yanked on my heartstring with this one.

On a different note... I LOVE your George Bush countrdown timer! Rock and roll!!!!! May we have world peace BEFORE it runs to zero though. And not some kinda Nostradamus moment.

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claudine hellmuth said...

great illo! I love your style :)

LudaChristian said...

cute stuff!

untamechildofnature said...

Simple yet nice.

belinha said...

Hello Abbie!Thanks for visitting my blog!Your blog is nice!I loved the two dogs, yes, it would be a nice book cover!Read your profile: Duran Duran!I loved that band!I even got my hair dyed to look as John Taylor!At the time I had no record player only a tape player.So I have no LP but when I could I bought Duran Duran CD's...just for the old times!:-)Bye-bye!

QweySpiral said...


chocolat said...

a very nice idea for the topic and a very pretty illustration!

Anke said...


Ces said...

Just love everyone's take on "Opposites". Although I do not participate, I still like to see what the artsists come up with it. The heart is a nice touch.

Veronica TM said...

I would be please too! Love your illustration.

Jenny said...

I just finished looking through your site and ohmygod could you be any more talented? Ok...if I ever finish the book I've been struggling with for the last 10 years you are totally going to havet to design the cover.

PS. Bonnie and Clyde? Fabulous.

Majeak Ann said... sweet..nice drawing...