Thursday, July 13

My epiphany..

'Epiphany' 9"x 4" Mixed Media on wood 7.13.06

I was working this afternoon in my studio. Yep, T gave me a few precious moments to myself. I had choosen a piece of wood from the pile left over from construction and was putting paint on it. The basic layers I start any piece out with. I like to write with the paint and in the paint. I have several sharp dental instruments that I use to scratch with. My epiphany: I write in paint. I tell my story. I find out my mood and the direction the piece is going to take just by writing my thoughts out on the piece first. I write my hateful, loving, cold, hot thoughts out into the piece. almost of all the pieces that have come before I have done this. I never realized it before. Or noticed. I always had the impression that my art came by mere whimsy of the day. Not so. I do steer my art. I have control. I don't have control of my life or the words that spit from my mind and spatter into the paint, but I control what I do with them. How I translate 'me' into paint, collage, whatever. ha. An epiphany. It feels good. Here is the result of my words.. you can't see them anymore but they are all over it.

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Anke said...

Sounds freeing! I bet you were really relaxed after!