Saturday, July 1

Studio Friday: Time

I have no time! None.. I am curently in a full tilt drive to get my new line of cards out and it is really fun! I am setting up black and white 'blanks' so that all I'll have to do is add the color and bling. It is fun, especially the promo side of it. Trying to figure out how I can get people in stores to pick up my cards and then buy them. Any ideas?? As far as 'time' goes.. I'll take every second I can get at my PC or in my studio! (and in a few days I'll be coloring at every stop light and the line in the grocery store, and in my sleep.)
;) Abbie


Pamela said...

I hope you have lots of success with your cards!

My only suggestion would be to get your cards placed nearest checkout and in front of the stores.

Ellen said...

Wow, you make every minute count!!

Anke said...

Hey Abbie, love your new line of cards, hope a lot of poeple like them and you find a good deal to sell your cards in a store. Fingers crossed!