Tuesday, August 8

Leaf with Mica I 4" x 6.5" 8.8.06
Mixed Media on wood

When my husband got home last night he said that he liked the pieces, but that he did not like the mica. To me, they add a new texture and a place for your eyes to rest. I used sand mixed in gel medium for the background, beeswax for the 'buttons', dried foliage, mica, acrylics, and gold paste. Perhaps they would have been more simple without the mica, yet, there is nothing simple or smooth about the compositions. In fact, they are almost too busy for my liking and I don't think I will work with such a textured background again, atleast in this type of application.

Leaf with Mica II 4" x 6.5" 8.8.06
Mixed Media on wood


Veronica TM said...

I really like it. At least you experimented with something new, right?
Have a great day!

Caron said...

Thanks for being with J today! :-)

Ces said...

These are so nice!.

michael dailey said...

i think the mica acts like an accent. i lik em. nice work