Sunday, August 6

Queen Anne's Lace II

Queen Anne's Lace II 8.6.06 Mixed Media

This piece is a companion piece to the one I completed a few days ago. (pre-chicken fiasco..) The person who purchased the first piece thought it would be nice to have two to hang together. So, I created a new, slightly different design, and the pair get shipped off tomorrow. THIS one had the dried insects I was writting about before. I honestly tried to get a close up scan of them but it was no good. They are just too hard to see against the glossy background.


Anke said...

Another beautiful one!

AnaGarrett said...

Thanks for your lovely words about my work.
It's true. I only wrote in portuguese in my blog.
Maybe, in the future...

I'm gonna link your blog in to mine.
Visit me always. You're very welcome.
I'll do the same.
Magical kisses from Portugal

susan said...

very pretty collages! i am sure that the recipient will be most happy!

Mauricio said...

Hey Abbie!!!

Thanks for your visit!

My best from Rio