Saturday, September 23

It is the first day of fall, and in New Hamsphire you can definitely feel it in the air. It is rainy and drizzley, (if that's even a word..) Gray and very bleak. My hubby started a fire in th fire place last night and we cozzied up to that. I actually feel asleep on the floor in front of it. With the lights out its very wonderful!
Lots of heat and very therapuetic for the soul. As Martha Sewart would say, "It's a GOOD thing." A fireplace in New England, just can't beat it. Unless its a white beach in Cancun, or a snowly peak in the Alps or a museum in NYC, or a shop in SoHo, or..
:) Abbie

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Anonymous said...

Oh that looks really cozy to lay in front of the fire. And so comfi warm too. My parents have one too. We will have our house fire place in the wintergarten with a glass door. So while heating the whole house you can watch the fire in the ofen.