Tuesday, December 19


Now what do I do? T can now successfully climb out of her pack and play. she has done it twice. What do I do with her now? She usually runs free with my sixteen eyes that wrap all around my head watching her, but there are times, (like cooking.. letting the dogs out.. etc..) that I NEED to be able to put her somewhere safe. With our house as open as it it is really hard to block off an area for her. I guess I'll have to do some fancy thinkin' on this one.
Goals for today..

  • clean house (all of it)

  • wrap presents (all of them)

  • finish my gift for J-bird (its black and fuzzy soft..enough said incase she peeks)

  • go out for dinner with the ladies I work with (YEAY! No kids.. no cooking.. what could be better??)

No more orders coming in from my shop, which is a NICE change. I don't have time to pack and ship right now. too much Holiday Hooplah to accomplish...

For the near future..

  • Bake Hungarian Crescent Cookies (my favorites!)

  • finish gift for my sister in law

  • KEEP house clean (HA!.. now THAT'S funny!)

  • clean out fridge (Not an easy task when suffering from morning gag and choke sickness..)


:) Abbie


Anke said...

Why not making her a surprise box you only pull out when you need to focuse on something. I think Debbie alias Godzoned did something like that. We have all of Lars's toys in the living room, so he was mostly occupying himself in there and I made so child proof that I didn't had to worry. Tough time though I can remember. Hope you find something to keep her busy next to you.

Abbie said...

That's a good idea Anke. I'll have to try something like that. I'd let her color, but she eats the crayons. (The only thing that she actually puts in her mouth)
:) Abbie