Tuesday, January 16

Oh.. that felt really good...

Last evening after a battle of the wills with my 19 month old daughter, I finally went back up to my studio and did some work. Well, played, actually. It felt so nice to be making something spontaneuos again. (which is how most of my art comes to me) I am working on a journal cover. Its a large journal, probably 8" x 11". I started with paint, but have covered most of it up, except the pale green around the edges. Definitely not done (like most of my projects) but atleast it is started. That right there is a feet in itself. I don't think I have held a paint brush for 6 months. Ahhhh!! What was I thinking?? Painting and collage might have helped me through the rough spot in my pregnancy if I had kept up with it.

I couldn't sleep the other night either. I had all of these thoughts of things I could make, processes I could use, ideas just streaming faster than my mind could grab them. Finally I got up and wrote down everything in my sketchbook, knowing full well, that if I waited 'til morning, the ideas would be gone except for the knowledge that I did have a brilliant idea last night, but "What was it!?".

We finally have a decent cover of snow here now. Granted, its topped with ice, but, hey, we'll take what we can get.

I must go and use my few minutes wisely. (T is still sleeping.. she went on a party binge at 3 am that lasted til 4:45 ish.. so she is sleeping in this AM.)

:) Abbie


Caron said...

Yay! It always feels good to go off and create. It's meditative and rejuvinating for me.

Anke said...

Maybe I should try to create again too. Just not in the mood at all, actually for nothing I'm in the mood, I feel so wore out. Hopefully with spring time my engergy is coming back! Enjoy creating! The cover looks great! Can't wait to see the finished version!