Tuesday, February 20

It's my Birthday!

Today is my birthday.. it has been a very nice day so far. I dropped my ticklebug off at my mom's to give me some alone time.. went to my most favorite little fabric shop. Perused for an hour and picked up some fun and whimsical cottons. Got a lobster roll from a local seafood shack and now I am back home and T is sleeping. What could be better? oh, I also am going to make myself a cake later. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Now that's better! ;)I also grabbed some Breyer's Strawberry Ice Cream to go with it. I know strange combo, but what do expect? I'm pregnant.

hmmm.. 32. Not a huge milestone birthday to say the least. I am pregnant with my last child, three is enough. My fitness routine needs some help, but who's doesn't? I'll be happy with my body again once the baseball is out of my tummy. Not overly impressed with the wrinkles that have popped up over the past two years, but most of them are laugh lines. If I didn't have them, perhaps I wouldn't be happy?

I also went clothes shopping yesterday, spent way too much and got some things to tide me over the 'fat but too tiny for maternity clothes' phase. There are 20+ sizes of jeans out there for the average woman but maternity pants only come in 3- small, medium and large. What's up with that? I also bought myself some perfume from Victoria Secret. Needed an 'I might not look sexy but I smell sexy' pick me up.


Anke said...

Happy Birthday Abbie! You have the same than my brother! 20th February, sometimes it's too funny how has birthday on the same day! Sounds like you had a fun day. Mine is soon too, don't know yet what I do, if I celebrate with family or not. So lot's of Birthday greetings from sunny Germany ;)

Anke said...

Oh stupid mistakes, I meant on the same day than my brother ;) And not 'how' it should be 'who has birthday.....' ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Abbie,

I check on your blog from time to time when time permits and I am glad to get to say..."Happy Birthday" ~ we're the same age!. You made me the beautiful aprons and sign in book through ETSY. Anyways, "Happy Birthday"!