Saturday, May 26

20 days.

My most excellent friend and photographer, Caron, came over today to take some portraits of me and my belly. The image above is my favorite.
Only 20 days to go. Or, if I would like, my doctor did say it would be OK to induce me early. As early as the 5th of June actually. I'm not sure yet. Depends on how I am feeling. I know the image looks as if I am comfortable in my skin (although if you peek at my face, you can see the discomfort and apprehension) and feeling quite zen, but truth be told, I can bake a good baby, but mother nature won't let me push them out on my own. My tally right now is two inductions and two vacuum extractions. Not good odds, considering I currently have two kids.
Perhaps history won't repeat. Ha.


Amber said...

You look very serene (on the outside.) I sort-of know how you're feeling. There's someone else living in your skin and even if they're not ready to introduce themselves, you're ready. Bubba was a week late. I was past ready.

Anonymous said...

I was anxious as anything about the pain and delivery before Pumpkin was born, too. I was afraid that the pain would control me.

You are very "mother earth" here - bravely looking ahead - gathering the strength you will need when the time comes to deliver. You are sitting on stone - a sturdy solid base that emphasizes resolve and stability. The heavy vertical lines further emphasize your strength. Anyway, it just felt right to photograph you there. I'm glad you like it.


Anke said...

Oh, what a great foto. Sounds like you are so close to birth. Lot's of cheer up greetings for birth from Germany! Soon you will hold your little one in you arms! How amazing is that? Time races!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

That's a great picture! Very zen looking. I like the sunburst :D