Friday, June 8

7 days...

I have seven days left until I meet the little bun I've been cookin'. Yep. Exactly 7. Its scheduled, confirmed, and put in the books. Mother nature can't bypass the determination of an OBGYN and a psycho pregnant woman. My appt to try get this babe out early didn't go so well. I can bake a good babe, but I just can't get 'em to drop down and come on out. Sooo... s/he will be born on their due date. Two days before their sisters birthday. I tried to seperate the b-days alittle, but I suppose when they are older, they'll love the fact that they are so close together.
The image is of a collaborative book page I did for someone last summer. I thought that it was fitting for this post; soon I'll have three little daisies in my garden patch that I grew all myself! (I do have another daisy, but she's a wild seed, and I just helped her to grow.)

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