Monday, June 18

Many small wonders..

Over the past week many small and beautiful wonders have filled my life! To start, I gave birth to a gorgeous 7 lb 8 oz baby girl on the 13th. (Hence my previous post) I never thought I was carrying a girl. My 'older' little girl just turned 2 years old yesterday. Sisters. I never had a sister, although I desperately wanted one. 2 years apart with their birth dates only 4 days apart. I am hoping for them to be best of friends.

I also received some most delightful treasures from Melissa at The Garden of Pink Shadows. I had ordered some sheets of birds and butterflies and entered into a contest on her blog. Well, to my most pleasant surprise, I won a fabulous little bag of goodies! (shown in the pics) Her shop at Etsy is most delightful place to stop and smell the flowers.

I am typically not so florally. But I guess I should have noticed that my new love of vintage birds, florals and fabrics most likely sprung from the fact that I was secretly carrying a girl!


Joann said...

Hi, Abbie,

Congratulations on your new baby girl!

Best regards from Byzanicon's Aunt Joann

Melissa said...

Abbie - First of all - CONGRATULATIONS!! I have two girls myself (now 20 and 16) and I never had a sister.. but I had always wanted little girls.. now big girls! Enjoy yours..!!

Secondly, I'm glad you enjoyed the goodies! Thanks for linking to my blog and shop.. I hope the little one will give you some time to be creative!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

My mother in law was born June 13th, 1909! I am June 15th and my mother is June 11th. A bunch of Geminis. Those are some personalities you'll have there!