Wednesday, June 27

Nothing ever goes perfect!

(This entry is NOT for the squeemish..) Why does something always have to go wrong when so many things are going right? My new babe (2 weeks old today!) has slept 7 hours straight twice now, and the other nights sleeps very well. (allowing her ever grateful mother a full nights rest almost every night since she was born!) Miraculous, I know... gotta love formula! Sorry lactation supporters! My milk dried up with no problems, my 8 yr old has opted to continue daycamp for the summer, (I gave him the choice to stay home and play with his sisters instead) The weather is gorgeous! Hot, but fabulous! (I think the temp outside right now is 95 degrees) Up until the other day I felt great; rested, thinning at a good pace, starting to fit into pre-preg clothes, enjoying my husband home on vaca, and SLAM! I wake up, bleeding heavy (it had almost stopped) and with pain and discomfort. Almost 2 weeks after the birth. Not pretty. (if you don't like blood STOP reading...) The doctor removed some hefty blood clots. Not a pretty thing, or comfortable for that matter. I now have blood clotting meds and an ultrasound scheduled for fri. to see that everything is ok. WHY can not ONE of my pregnancies go SMOOTHLY????? From start to finish?? What the heck? Is this Mother Nature's way of telling me something? Don't worry Mo-Nature, I'm not having anymore! Promise! Got the message!
Anyway.. thanks for listening.. I needed to vent..

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

No one knows how women suffer for just being women!
I hope you're fine and congrats on baby number 3?