Saturday, June 2


"Is there anything in your studio that you are re-using? Anything in your artwork? Maybe you save materials from another area and use them in your art? How do you recycle?"

This is my entry for Studio Friday. The topic for this week is Re-Cycle! It is a portion of a larger piece that I just completed as a submission for one of the upcoming topics in the Somerset Studio Magazine.

I try to 'recycle' almost everything that I utilize in my pieces. Most are on wood scraps from our house construction (like this piece), all of the elements are original and authentic. I try not to use reproductions that are massed produced if it is at all possible. The skeleton key, ribbon and tag are all antique, the dried flowers I pressed myself and the keyhole is a salvage piece from a local salvage and antique shop. The papers I used to collage the background are original clippings from an 1888 Farm and Home Newspaper reclaimed from my grandfathers house. Occasionally I will 'rework' an art piece after a while. I'll grow tired of looking at it, pull everything off I can use again, and repaint. Start over. I am in the process of slimming down my supplies and only using that which I have on hand or can get easily and inexpensively. Using what I do pick up quickly so it doesn't find a corner of my space and multiply. ;) It is amazing how quickly a few antique buttons and metal pieces reproduce. They are like bunnies if you don't use them and watch them carefully.



very nice collage. i know what you mean.
i save and use most everything.

Would in not be wonderful to make art out of everything that you would normally throw in the garbage.


m i c h e l l e said...

Marvelous! One woman's trash is another woman's collage! :-)

lee said...

love the collage and the idea of using recyled material. Also love the song on your blog...