Sunday, September 16

A quick look back..

I had posted this image of the entrance to our home about a year ago. This year all the wood is gone. Little did we know, when my hubby stacked it all so neatly under the blue sky of our porch, that the rain would beat in there and soak it. Because of the postition of the house, the sun doesn't get around enough to dry it out. So.. this year the wood is in the basement. Great for cold winter days when we light a fire in the fireplace, and its perfect for the spiders that ride in on the wood and set up house keeping. Yeeeecckkk. I HATE spiders. I know, a strong word, but the truth.
Z, A and I went to my friend's one year old son's birthday party yesterday. It was lovely to be included with her family for such a special day! He was born last year on September 11. I can remember her saying 'I just hope he's not born on the 11th", well mother nature has a way doing the exact opposite of what you desire. He came, quick as lightening and I think it was the perfect day. Now, I have happy thoughts when I think of Sept 11. His birth gave me a new definition of the day. Yes, I still take moments and remember where I was, and the trama that unfolded, but when my thoughts pass, I am left with the good feelings of birth and life. My posts from a year ago are actually quite humorous. I mention how happy I was NOT to be pregnant, and that my son really wanted another bro or sis, and how it was NOT gonna happen. A few weeks later, BOOM. Prego. :) Now, a year later, I have three kids and my son has another sister and again I am saying, MOST EMPHATICALLY, I am NOT having another child.
:) Abbie

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Caron said...

I'm so glad you, Z, and A were able to come by. :-)