Saturday, November 10

Counting my eggs...and I need a break..

I just received this egg print in the mail. It was printed in 1905 and has the nicest collection of egg images. I need to have it framed and then I'll find a special place for it. I truly do love feminine things. Florals, birds and butterflies. They just don't go in my home. But these will. Quite nicely, too. I am so thankful for my daughters. They have helped me find my 'pretty' side. I choose a sparkly chandelier for their bedroom and am enjoying seeing all the pink and purple that fills my laundry baskets now.
I am in desperate need of a vacation and a little break from the day to day routine. The last few getaways that my husband and I have taken have been to The Balsams in Northern New Hampshire. We were married there almost 5 years ago. There are no televisions in the rooms and the food is the best I have ever eaten. In fact, I think we go there just to eat.

Above is the view of the entire hotel.

The view from our bedroom window the first time we visited.

The bath, complete with handmade bathsalts and the most divine cucumber and mint lotion!

We were married in front of the fireplace that was just below this quote. I am planning to stencil this in our home somewhere, I just haven't figured out where yet. Perhaps over one of our fireplaces. The last time we were able to get away, I was pregnant with our two year old. It's time for a night away. It is only about a two and half hour drive north, but it seems like we are in another era. This is big hint sweetie.. hint. hint. (My husband reads my blog)


Anke said...

I hope the break for the daily routine will come soon! Maybe your husband reads this post. Felt a little 'fenced in this week too', took my art time this weekend and I'm feeling a little recharged again.
This hotel looks so awesome, like a castle....a great place to be married...enjoy when you go!

Mary said...

Oh, Abbie, that looks like a wonderful place -- hope you get your break soon! :) Love your egg print, too!

Caron said...

David and I recently had our first date in a year and it was a little strange going out alone. We have yet to get away for a night alone - still not sure who to leave Boy with while we're gone. It's so nice when we can indulge in focusing on our relationship once in awhile. Get aways are important.

Lisa said...

I love the egg print too. Nice photo browsing here.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...


What a beautiful and romantic quote. That would be beautiful stenciled over your fireplace!