Wednesday, November 14

The Cows are Laying Down..

An order, all packed up for a customer.

There is an old farmer's saying 'if the cows are laying down then rain's a comin'. Well, on my way to the store this afternoon, the cows were down, and rain is coming. Along with our first snow of the new season. The past few days have been ridiculously busy, with a sick two year old and plenty of orders to fill. I was finally able to breathe again once I hit the post office and sent out the last of my packages. I have put a hold on my shop for a few days so I can get my domestic engineering duties fulfilled. Made a beautiful lasagna for dinner tonight. Can you believe the last time I was in the grocery store I couldn't find regular lasagna noodles? They were all 'No Boil'. Well, this lady is a 'boil the noodle' kinda lady and it was very frustrating to say the least. Must everything be 'quick and easy'? In 8 days it'll be time to decorate for Christmas!! We don't shop the day after Thanksgiving, we decorate. Well, I decorate, and everyone else goes along for the ride. It is a whirlwind process that entails a massive overhaul of shelves, counters, lights, everything! Hopefully T will be feeling better this weekend, she has a birthday party to go to and we have already missed one playdate because of this cold. (I need the playdates more than she does!)

A frosty morning in the field..


Amber said...

I used to be a 'boil the noodles' kinda gal, but I've gotten lazy. Except for the baking, wait until you see the cake this year!

Caron said...

We'll get together soon for a playdate. Maybe the week after Thanksgiving. Give me a call if/when you get a chance. :-)