Tuesday, January 8

Swappin' Love Goodies..

I was peeking at some of my favorite blogs and I saw that Melissa had made an offer to do a Valentine's Day Swap with others.. I was too late to get in, so I thought I'd ask you, some of my blogger friends, if you are interested in a Valentine's Day Swap.. My birthday is also 20th, (as I mentioned in my last post) and it is always so much fun to get treasures in the mail. :) I can swap NH goodies (Maple candy appeal to anyone?), crafty supplies, pretty sparklies or it could be a surprise gift-ette. Whatever you would like. I could only do a few, perhaps two or three? OR.. if more people are interested then I might be able to figure out a 2 for 2 swap, (send in two bundles of love, get two bundles of love..) Just leave me a comment, or if you would like, you can email me at damseldesigns@hotmail.com.
Some ideas.. a handmade craft item from your local area.. (we have wonderful locals who make handmade soaps, chocolates (always a perfect choice!), etc..
Crafty art bits that you no longer use and would like to 'swap' them for someone else's goodies.. (such as paper, ephemera, trims, etc..)
Perhaps a 'Tea Party' idea.. maybe a small teacup from a secondhand store filled with tea, natural sugar, and/or a small hand towel..
Most of these ideas can be kept to a few dollars with a little creativity and you'd be getting a similiar 'gift' back from yours truely!

I'll work out the details if anyone is interested.. :) I do have lots goodies looking for wonderful homes, so please let me know!

I hope everyone is enjoying their January.. how are resolutions coming along? For me, I am trying to stretch every evening once the children are in bed to help me sleep better and release some of the tension of the day. I was able to get all of my business and craft supplies up to the bedroom on the third floor yesterday. It took atleast 25 trips of 'down a set of stairs from the garage' and 'up two flights' to the third floor.. but I did it! My legs are on fire today, but I guess I hit two birds with one stone. Moved everything and I got some great exercise at the same time. It also tuckered up my two year old, because she climbed those flights of stairs almost as many times as I did.

The sun is shining and if you have been watching the news, the NH Primary is today, so I am off to vote and take Baby A to the doctors for her 6 month checkup. Z is going to be NINE tomorrow!! My Baby Boy is NINE years old!! Good grief.. where in the !@!@*! did the last nine years go?


Carolyn said...

Hi Abbie !

So sorry you missed my party sweetie !
But i would love to do a swap with you , if no one else has beaten me to it ! Seen as though our birthdays are close , we can celebrate together !
My email is on my profile page !


Anke said...

HI Abbie, I would swap with you. Anything you love from Germany? I'm sure you miss something, let me know a couple things and you will get a surprise package;)
Puh, moving all your art supplies to the third floor sounds for sure like a lot of work out. Now you can start getting your room all the way ready. Have fun arranging and sorting everything. And hopefully your son has a wonderful b-day!!! Congratulations from overseas ;)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Oh, am I too late? I would love to do a swap with you, too!

Abbie said...

Hi Ladies!
Yeah!! This is going to be so much fun.. I'll start putting together ideas.. anyone else interested??
:) abbie

amanda said...

Hi Abbie!

I would love to do a swap! Just let me know the details!!! I'm a January baby as well - my birthday is on the 25th!

How wonderful to have studio space again! Even with all the hard work, I'm sure it is a true delight. YAY!

Mary said...

Hi Abbie,
Don't know if I'm up for a swap right now -- I still have to make the gifts for Melissa's PIF exchange from last autumn! But I just wanted to say "Hi!" I'm just now catching up with everyone. Glad to see your etsy shop is back, and I totally understand the ebay thing! :)

Have a wonderful day!

Jeannie on UNFOLDING said...

Hi, I'd love to swap :-) My birthday is on the 12th, so happy birthday capricorns!!! I have one vase, I will email you a picture just let me know where to email it. I've never done a swap before.

ELLIE said...

Abbie - I am going to go through my stuffies tomorrow and see what I have to trade...if I can come up with a few lil baggies of stuff I will let you know...my birthday is soon after yours - march 2 - so this would be so much fun...but I will not commit until I can see what I have worth trading...since I do not go out I cannot buy stuff...and we do not have second hand stores around here (bummer) but I will let you know...
WOW - moving all that stuff to the third floor sounds like a lot of work but now you get to design your studio and get those creative juices flowing!!!
take care

Caron said...

Happy B'day Z!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

I am such a dummy! I forgot to tell you I tagged you again and gave you an award! Stop by to get the details :-)

Anke said...

That is sooo funny or kind of interesting too. Pisces unite :))) Smiles, my d-day is on the 12 th march.