Wednesday, January 30

There is a field.. I will meet you there. (update at bottom)

Today was our wedding anniversary. Hubby took me to dinner at a nice local restaurant and we enjoyed our time without children or dogs. The 'grammas' stayed home with the kids. I went all out and ordered a Strawberry Daquiri at dinner. Now, for those who aren't familiar, I don't drink. I can't remember the last time I had an alcoholic beverage. Ok, shoot forward twenty minutes, Abbie can't find the potato on her fork that she swore she just scooped up. I started to giggle and that was it. It was all down hill from there so I pushed the drink to the other side of the table. Only about half of it was gone at that point. To regain my composure so as to not embarass myself or my hubby, I just sipped at it the rest of the evening, occasionally. It really did help take the edge off. It is amazing how much tension builds up in my body through the course of a day. Kids squealing, dogs barking... it was a help having G (my mother in law) with me. she is so good with the kids and truly helps out alot. I can run to the bathroom and not hav to worry about dragging T with me. Oh! Another treat today, both girls slept all night in their beds in their room. All night. It was like an anniversary miracle! Hubby and I got to sleep together all night alone. OK, we had two dogs between us, but hey, it's better than a set of feet kicking me in the head all night.

Serenity Now!!


*If anyone would like, click on the above images and copy them to your PC, they are copyright free images created by myself from antique books and sheet music. Enjoy!

Notation added Thurs AM.. Thanks for all the wonderful comments! Rosie asked what we had to for dinner so here it is.. I had baked salmon with lemon, butter and seasoned breadcrumbs (yummy!) a baked potato (and sour cream, of course!) and my hubby had prime rib with 'homestyle' mashed potatoes.. don't ask what that means, I have no idea! lol! They served green beans 'family style' (one bowl for both of us) and the usual salad and bread. It was very simple yet very good. Although I could have been eating a McDonald's cheeseburger and a Coke, as long as we were alone, it wouldn't have mattered! Oh! I almost forgot we shared a brownie sundae for dessert. (another yum!)


Caron said...

Happy Anniversary!

It's nice to be able to let loose sometimes with a glass of wine or a daiquiri. I get talkative when I've had a glass of wine. I must have had a whole bottle's worth at the new year's party I went to this year because it went down so smoothly during conversation. I felt it the next morning, too. It had been a looooong time since I've had a hangover. :-)

Three Catanzaros said...

Hey Happy Anniversary:) Matt and I celebrated ours yesterday. I forgot they were like right next to eachother! Hope all is well!
Love ya

Mary said...

Good morning Abbie :)
Happy Anniversary! You had me laughing - remembering the years when I never got to go to the bathroom by myself. And "Serenity Now" just cracked me up. LOL
Hope you both had a nice day!

Janie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

It's nice to have a little something to drink once in awhile. I too, do not drink ; maybe once or twice a year a frozen margarita. It goes right to my head.
We all love our kids, but it is nice to have some Adult time once in awhile to recharge our mommy batteries!!! Have a great one., Janie

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Happy Anniversary! I am so glad you got to spend some alone time with your DH. You really can't hold your liquor, can you? LOL What do you and Hubby have to eat? Something rich and decadent?

((hugs)) Rosie

Firefly Hill said...

Happy Anniversary!

Your dinner together sounds lovely! And so necessary once in awhile, right?


ELLIE said...

WOW - sounds like really a terrific anniversary...
sometimes it is a good thing to just let go and giggle and be silly (even with the help of a bit of alcohol)and just relax and unwind!
Hope you have a lifetime more of them!!

Suzanne said...

It sounds like a perfect day and a wonderful anniversary celebration. Good for you. I think that homestyle mashed potatoes means slightly lumpy. Thanks for sharing your dinner with us. (I would have ordered the prime rib also!)

Byzanicon said...

Common Man, Homestead, or Pasquaney? :-)

amanda said...

Happy Anniversary!!! What a wonderful treat to have an evening alone! You make me laugh... Oh, and to go to the bathroom alone - one can only dream! I am so jealous!

Glad you had a wonderful day (& night!)


Carolyn said...

Happy belated anniversary dear Abbie ! Some well deserved hubby and you time !


Sherry said...

Abbie, Happy Belated Anniversary!!! Glad you had such a lovely time with hubby -- you are an "easy" date if you get loopy on half a strawberry daquiri!! Hee!!

Thanks for the free downloads, for being a friend and letting me swap Valentine's with you (xo).

I laughed at you liking the video at Sage & Thyme from yesterday -- if your brother is in TO then he and you will understand Rick Mercer calling us "torontarded" -- we certainly are when it comes to weather (which by the way is nasty pants out there right now - ugh!).

Pop over to my art blog and enter my giveaways -- I have one for today (Feb. 1st) for the One World giveaway and one on January 28th for my 100th post.

Rhondamum said...

You just think that you shared a brownie sundae for dessert, you silly lite weight.

Isn't it nice when you can get a break like that! I am so glad that you had a good time.

I am a little frazzled right now, girls home, tree limb fell on husbands car, supposed to go out of town today, but not, eeekkkk!

I know I have your email address and home address but can't find it in my frazzled state. True, we were going to do a swap, and I would still love to especially if you have some neat french stuff, lol, but it isn't necessary. You are my friend and I will so hook you up with some of my tickets.

Email me when you get a chance and have a fantastic weekend!

Sunnispace said...

Yummy - sounds like you had a great anniversary! Congratulations!

Anke said...

Happy Belated Anniversary, sounds like you had a good night. We need that too a night out alone, but that has to wait a little longer, I'm still nursing Maya and she wants her milk about every 2 some day soon, we will drop off the kids at granma's and enjoy a couples night or at least some hours.
Off to the next post.....smiles, Anke ;)

JeannieTheDreamer said...

Happy Belated Anniversary :) What a nice evening for you