Sunday, February 10

Some fabulous colors to cheer me up!

My mother and I took a trip to Michaels last weekend and I picked up some lovelies for my studio. The walls haven't been painted yet, my DH said I could call the painters (close friends) to come do it for me. :) Now I just need to make the call! I have been admiring apothecary jars in the latest issues of everything.. Somerset, Country Living, you name it, they are everywhere! The shapes are so much fun so I picked this one up. Thinking I'd put buttons or ribbons in it, I changed my mind and created a tiny world of combined seasons. My blue bird (not 'bluebird', but a bird that is blue..) sits atop a nest of vintage German Christmas tinsel. she is perched on three eggs that you can't see. (my three kids..) A lady bug peeks out, along with some summer daisies. Fall apples are behind her, and the winter we are suffering through is her view.

Below are some more colors, a wonderful egg carton being recycled to hold tiny bits and pieces, German scraps, and some of my many pens are at the ready if I ever decide to actually sit down and do something with all my 'stuff'. I find myself up there sometimes at night, just standing and staring. The ideas don't come and it is so frustating to have the desire to create but the actual process fails me right now. I know it is because things are crazy in the other parts of my life. In time, the time will come.

Here it is!! The fabulous handbag Rosie made for me!! I just adore it! She also made the cute little pin with wonderful, bright yarn and a vintage button! isn't it just too cute? I put the pin on the handle of the purse so I can be sure to take it along with me too! ♥ thank you! thank you! Be sure to check out her Etsy Shop where you can get her darling creations for yourself!

She also included a GORGEOUS vintage, red and white handtowel. Absolutely perfect timing, as I am slowly changing my kitchen over to red and white. I love vintage cherries, so I am hoping to go in that direction, the bright cherry red. Just like my handbag! Once I get some pics of my new kitch decor, I'll show you the towel!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend, we are getting snowed on.


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Love your Apothecary jar. Your so clever to reuse an egg carton. I should do that too.....perhaps I could organize some bits and pieces that right not now are becoming entangled in a wicker basket :-)

I's so glad you liked your purse....and, I didn't even know you were redoing the kitchen in red and white....can't wait to see :-) Rosie

Tara said...

The bird setting is beautiful! Some days I find I am so tired running after kids and trying to catch up around here and I want to be creative but am too pooped to tune in to inspiration! But then, it always comes back, thank goodness!
Hope you are having a great day in the snow

Jessica said...

Your jar is so pretty! Thanks for the eye candy! I love to see other artists' studios, so you'll have to share some before and after pics when you're done. :)

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Abby, you are very creative! I can tell by the way you've placed the ribbon around the apothecary jar. Yup, that's all it takes for me to know. Brilliant!

Don't you be worrying about ideas. They will certainly come. I have a suspicion that those ideas are bubbling just beneath the surface. Don't forget to carry a small notebook around with you for the time when they begin popping to the surface. You'll probably be in the middle of a grocery aisle or something.

NAME: CIELO said...

That is so lovely! The pretty little blue bird brings to mind sunny spring days... ah, yes, come spring!

Have a lovely day


Mary said...

Hi Abbie,
That's so pretty! It's like spring in a jar. :) Love your new bag, too -- Rosie is so talented!

Inspiration will come. You're so lucky to have a space dedicated to artwork -- I'd love to have my own studio!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Sunnispace said...

Love your creation - so fabulous! I was just looking at another blog you might want to check out. I found it thru Mary's Little Red House called A StoryBook Life. She features a bunch of creations under glass that you might love... here's the address:

Have fun!