Tuesday, February 26

Think Spring. Think Harder.

For all my whining, I do live in a gorgeous part of the country...

This past weekend was full of 'spirit refreshing' shopping! Flounced through Marshall's and HomeGoods with the babes in tow.. Have you noticed that every shelf is filled with breakables that shout very loudly to little fingers? It all sparkles so nicely and it was quite the undertaking to keep my two year old's fingers off of the all the sparklies. I found some wonderful things for my kitchen.. it is coming along nicely. Bright red and white, gingham, chickens, cherries, and checkerboards. Not my typical conservative style but I just can't resist! I found some red and white gingham valances the other day for the kitchen window, and it now looks fresh and fun! Just a few more touches to be made and then I'll show you the finished product. I'd love to have my cabinets repainted white (they are a sage/olive green and hubby says 'no way!') to brighten up the space. It doesn't get any direct sunlight, so on these long winter days it can be quite dark. Hence the bright white and red. Perhaps in a few years..

Something else that brightened up my weekend.. my husband stumbled through the door yesterday laden with packages! Our mail man hasn't delivered lately because there is so much snow around the mailbox. What did my wondering eyes spy??? Swap gifts!!! Yeay!! Love gifts!!
The first package was from Rhonda! Oh, it was filled with vintage papers, tickets and images!! Such creative lovelies to fill me up and inspire!! I can't wait to use them, but for now, I'm just gonna keep them as fabulous treasures! Thank you! Thank you!! YOU can have some of Rhonda's most wonderful collection of vintage goodies too.. just take a peek in her Etsy Shop!

The next beautiful box was from Amanda. From the first peek I knew it was going to be wonderful! Amanda just has an amazing flair for giving gifts. Inside the above black and white 'take-out' box was a gorgeous set for tea! A bag of 'gunpowder' green tea, a tea ball and a lovely little 'tea cup charm' handmade by her. It's perfect! Amanda has a blooming internet business that creates gorgeous gift baskets, Bubbles and Belles. Please check out her blog also. Merci Amanda!! Thank you!!

Uh, yeah. We are getting more snow. Up to a foot more by tomorrow PM. As seen on a local bulletin board: 'Think Spring. Think Harder.'


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Oh that's funny.....I will work harder...at my "thinking".

It's been forever since I had a Marshall's fix or even a trip to a fabric store. Thank goodness I can sooth my goodies jones with Etsy...now and then. Is it me, or is January and February the worst months for budgets?

Before long, you are not going to be able to see out your windows for all the snow you get! Stay safe :-) Rosie

Mary said...

Hi Abbie,
I've been thinking spring so hard that I think there is steam coming out of my head, but it's just not working. :)

Love all your goodies! Have fun playing with them while the snow piles up. Maybe you'd better keep a snow shovel in the mudroom. :)

Tara said...


Enjoy your presents...maybe it is a better idea for the mailman to come all at once with alot of gifts then everyday with not much!

Have fun with your goodies, if you have to be snowed in, you may as well have goodies!


Firefly Hill said...

Hi Abbie,

Sorry to hear you are getting more snow!! Wow, a foot huh? At least you will be snug in your beautiful home with all your new stuff!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

If thinking harder about spring had anything to do with it, we'd have been enjoying spring weeks ago. Can you believe how many people in the world are enjoying tulips and gardening? Good thing you live in a beautiful location!

claudia said...

Hi Abbie I am doing that blog stumbling thing and am not sure how but I have found your blog. I've enjoyed reading and seeing your pics .... A very nice design too , love the soft blue, and music is very soothing too. I am thinking spring too! Snowing here right now .. claudia

amanda said...

Oh, Abbie! I'm so glad you enjoyed your prize! YAY!

And I know what you mean about all the "Sparklies" - I had the same issues when I went out the other day! The term "kid in a candy store" needs to be changed to "2 year old eyeing sparklies!"

Glad you were able to get out and enjoy your beautiful scenery!


Anonymous said...

Well at least you have some goodies to brighten the snowy days. Spring is just around the corner....Can't wait to see the changes you are making to your already wonderful kitchen, enjoy, Janie

Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Oh Abbie, I'm working very hard at thinking spring but I think I thunk too hard -- it's back down into the minus minus here and with windchill it's even worse!!! Only one more day of February -- I'm not sure I'm gonna make it!!!

Love the colours for your kitchen -- can't wait to see it all put together and too true about these stores -- too many "little pretties" just waiting for little hands!! I remember those days so well!! Now I just have them bringing me clothes with high price tags -- that they can't keep their little hands off!!!

Gorgeous goodies in the mail for you -- that will definitely have brightened up your winter blues!!

By the way, I've left something for you on m Esprit * d'Art blog today (28th). Happy almost end of February!

Junie Moon said...

I love Home Goods and find some really fun things there. I could spend hours looking at every single thing, but I don't have small children to worry about.

What wonderful packages you received and so timely to cheer you up during the adverse weather.

Rhondamum said...

hey abbie!

i am so glad that you liked your goodies! and I love the pic that you took. i have it as my desktop now. looks so professional.

i have been thinking of you a lot the past two days. you have to check out my past two blogs because they are aimed towards you.

hope it is sunny and warm for you today, which i doubt because it is so cold down here!


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh I can't wait to see your red and white curtains up! I know the sage is probably dark during the winter but it sure sounds pretty! Mine are white...wanna trade?


Anke said...

Crazy weather. We have spring time in the air already. Birds singing, temperatures mild and the rain today felt like or better smelled like a spring rain. So let's see how our spring time is getting, hopefully the frost which we still can get, don't destroy all the already starting to blooming flowers. My swap package for you will go out next week, due to car problems this week and not having a car or time to stop at the mail office. But at least this got solved today, unless something else breaks on my old car....smiles, Anke ;)

Sarah said...

Just found your blog. Thanks for the links! Can't wait to go check them out. Love the cameo/hot pink & black pkg. ooooh..read your post above about the carbon monoxide. We're in the middle of looking for homes.....found one we LOVED...had the inspection yesterday....the gas dryer pipe was leaking carbon monoxide...to make matters worse...the family didn't have a carbon monoxide sensor. The inspector immediately let them know. Scary. I'll be back to visit. Hope your son feels better and your worries are put at ease and calm.

cindy said...

What wonderful lovely goodies! Lucky girl! : )