Monday, April 14

hhmm.. yet again..

I have no idea where this post is going, I just know I need to blog. does anyone feel that way? I really dislike the idea of people stopping by to check out the newest post, only to find the same old one they have seen for days on end. some posts on my favorite blogs I read over and over, just to spend time there. To me blog posts are like chapters in a book, you keep wanting to turn the page to find out what happens next. It brings a huge smile to my face every time I visit a blog and there is a new post waiting, just for me!

First, I must put out a shout to my dear friend Mary at Little Red House, because I was flipping through the pages of the new Romantic Homes mag and I stumbled across her couch!! I knew I recognized it! I felt like I knew a celebrity! I wanted to call her up and say "Mary! I just saw your couch in Romantic Homes!! How exciting!! It looks so fabulous!" But, alas as she is a blogger friend, I do not know her number.. but Mary, last night laying in bed with my hubby, watching Desperate House Wives over the pages of a romantic magazine, I was thinking of you, my friend, with the famous lovely couch! :)

Lastly, the fern images are for you from my image file! Take them and make the world a 'greener' place!

Ah... I also just joined a swap that looks like so much fun!! Go check out Rhonda's Les Emotions de la France Book Swap!!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Funny you should mention Romantic Homes as that's why I was in the big find a copy. Did I? NO, I did not. My dd said that it was unlikely that I'd find one and I told her, "BUT! They have them in New Hampshire!" LOL!

I know what you mean...I love a blog where the blogger blogs. I love a lot of blogs where the blogger goes on a break, too. But it is as you suggest like a gift waiting to find a new post.

Your fern is beautiful and you are generous!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

This is a wonderful post, Abbie. You express yourself so well! I know I miss my blogger friends when their lives take them away from blogging for awhile. I love being a part of their lives and lookf forward to their victories and cry with them in their sorrows.

((((big hugs)))) Rosie

Pat said...

I feel the same way Abbie! I always get a little thrill when I open up a favorite blog and see a brand new post waiitng to be read's a little like getting a new magazine in the mail! :-)

I have to look for Romantic Homes magazine -- it sounds like something I'd enjoy.

Thanks for the pretty fern images!

Hugs, Pat

Rhondamum said...

You always bring me a giggle Abbie. There I go again, have your watched "chicken little" yet?

I find that when the people I visit regularly haven't posted, I honestly do miss them. And then, when they post a funny, sad, adventure, etc. I am thrilled. Then, when I share this with my husband, "Oh my goodness, Abbie got toasted from one margarita" okay, just a little jab there LOL, my DH thinks I have lost it. He will say, "You don't really know her, know her" but I totally disagree. I think if I were in the presence of many of my blogging friends, we would just blab in person non stop like we have always "known" each other. KWIM?

I love my blogging friends and I love your look at life. Hope it is warming up for you!


Oh, thank you so much for joining my swap! I AM THRILLED TO HAVE YOU!

Suzanne said...

Mary's couch is in Romantic Homes? How exciting.

I want to say something about your blog Abbie. Of course I love all the things you write and how you share artwork and interesting things with us.....but I LOVE the music. And I LOVE that it doesn't change. I always know I can come here and be greated with the lovely tune. If I'm going to work on Photoshop I just shrink your site down and listen while I work. What I don't think alot of people know is that if you listen long enough you'll get to the 2nd tune!

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife.

Junie Moon said...

I love your fern images and greatly appreciate your sharing them with us. Now I'm going to pop over and read about the swap you mentioned.

Wild Rose said...

Hi Abbie

You are so right about blogging. Some days I sit there and have no idea what I want to write about, so I hope that my readers enjoy my posts.

Just stopped by from Hedgerow Hollow to say hello. You have a beautiful blog.

Marie x

Mary said...

I sent you something in the mail last week -- hope it gets to you soon...

I have been trying unsuccessfully to find a copy of Romantic Homes since someone told me they published that letter...Barnes and Noble tells me they will probably get it it May.

I know just what you mean about blogging friends. I definitely feel as though I know so many of you, better than I know my sisters-in-law...and I love visiting you all every day!