Monday, April 7

A quiet moment...

Come and sit a spell.. we are lounging in front of the fireplace today, as it cold and drizzly outside. (actually this is where I spent my Sunday..) flipping through the pages of my new Somerset Life and enjoying the eye candy. Corey Amaro just has a fabulous way of weaving stories of her life in France.

And I really enjoyed Sandra Evertson's Article, Les Modes Francaises. I tried to download the elements she used to make the bark clothe bag tags, but the links did not work..

Ah, well.. at least the fire kept my tootsies warm..

Above is a little glimpse at a Floating Journal project Anke Martin and I are doing together. We each have a journal, and once our entry for the month of April is completed, we will 'swap' them. Float them across the ocean that separates us, and work in the other journal the next month. Once the books are full, we will each have one to keep. They are spiral bound, and to start I just couldn't keep the metal rings bare.. I'm sure as the year progresses, the journals will have much added, and i can't wait to see the final results! Anke is one of those talented artists who has inspired me for years now. (It's been years Anke, can you believe it?!) We 'met' on - she traded my first Artist Trading Card with me, and we have been friends ever since. If we were closer I know we would be fantastic friends, but, alas, we have an enormous body of water between us. Someday, perhaps we will meet, until then, we write back and forth.. As the journals progress, I 'll post about them.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I love those slippers...L.L.Bean?

Hope that you and your friend get to meet one day. How cool would that be?!

Wish that I had a cozy fire to sidle up to on a lazy Sunday. In lieu of that, I'll just enjoy your photos.

Abbie said...

Yep.. LL Bean! Gotta love 'em!
(and in these parts I have to wear slipeprs.. the floors are cold!)

amanda said...

What a wonderful idea! I'm sure this journal will be one of your most prized possessions! What a special thing to share!

Enjoy your day!

Suzanne said...

Oh, I'd love to sit for awhile with you Abbie. We're all out of firewood for the season and your fireplace looks so inviting. Corey is amazing and so are you!

miss magpie-pixie said...

I could do with a warm by your inviting fire - it`s been snowing here !
It`s a fantastic idea to swap collaged books with each other ! I love the itty bitty material pieces on yours !

Mary said...

Hi Abbie,
Love your slippers! What a cozy way to spend a Sunday. I was freezing my a** off at a soccer game. :)

Sherry/Cherie said...

Nice and cozy by the fire --- love Somerset Life -- and I think what you and Anke are doing with the journals is fabulous!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

What a fantastic journal idea! I think I should attempt to get my sisters to start a project with each other.

The fire looks great. We are cold and grey today as well. I am trying so hard to get in the mood for Spring.....but it's all coming from the store and not my heart.......sigh........

Stay warm and dry ((hugs)) Rosie

Pat said...

I wish I had a real fireplace! I have one of those electric light ones that look nice enough but isn't toasty warm.
I bought the very same LL Bean slippers for my daughter for their things.
I've never read Summerset Life ...looks interesting.... I've only seen Summerset Studio!



flory said...

Hi Abbie, When I finished browsing I am going to look up the referenced book...sounds great...check out Selvedge Magazine
That is my favorite,

Also your music is wonderful..while watching the fire.

Thank you

GemStateMom said...

What Rosie said! I want to talk to my sisters and see if we can't do a 3-way journaling swap. Thanks for sharing about your fab idea.

but for it to work, everyone needs to actually write. Do your already journal on a regular basis?

I hear more and more people are moving away from electronic journals and back to 'analog' style. There is something to be said for heading out for a nice walk and a bit of quiet reflection...harder to do with your laptop. But easy with a lovely journal tucked into your pocket!

Keep us posted on your journaling adventure, please?

Lynne Laura said...

Hi Abbie,

I can't wait to get my copy of Somerset Life! Thanks for sharing.

Hope you don't mind, I added you to my favorite blog list on my blog.

Lynne Laura

Rhondamum said...

You're so cute, and I am back! Thank you so much for reminding me about SL. I knew there was a magazine coming out this month. Glad to have a glimpse with your cozy slippers and fire.

Love the book swap idea. You both will cherish that forever.

I will be posting some button pics soon, cause I'm a floozie too!


Anke said...

HI Abbie.....oh I can't wait to see your entry.....the glimse looks already awesome! I can't believe it's been years already. Wow! Time sure runs fast. It's kind of amazing how you can make friends over the net even with such a far distance. Yes maybe one day we can meet,that would be great! I don't know if you know already but ATCards is closed. I don't really know what happened. Kind of sad, even I was not really active in the last years.
And yes, just hanging out and enjoying an inspirational Magazine is soooooooo relaxing. Can't wait for Clothes paper Scissor to come in again.
Well, off to check on my daughter, pulling herself up on all chairs, busy little bee. Wish you a nice day, smiles, Anke ;)