Tuesday, June 24

A quick tour..

View from the great room looking into kitchen/dining area. The room beyond with the transom is the old dining room. It is now my MIL bedroom. It was open to kitchen, but when she moved in we had it closed off and added doors. It turned out really well and it is as if she was just meant to be here! :)
I didn't do anything special for you this time. Most times I stage things to look extra nice but this is the way my kitchen is all the time. The bulletin board is full, our bill box is over flowing, and there is still a plastic cup on the table. (a staple in a house with three kids.. if you come over you get plastic and/or Correll.. no fancy China, no pretty drinking glasses.) the Crock pot is going beside the fridge.. we are having BBQ pulled pork tonight) We have a mish mash of chairs as I only bought 4 Windsor with the oval table. Now that there are six of us, two sit in Shaker Ladder backs until I can get some more Windsor chairs. The Co. I got the original 4 from is now out of business and I am having a horrible time finding the right match.

some up close peaks at the knick knacks above the cabinets. Bottles, we have bottles everywhere. My inlaws were avid antique bottle collectors so now they adorn every space in our home. The funky rooster in the middle pic is an old clay liquor bottle. His head is the cork. I'm not sure of his exact age, but he's no spring chicken! :) The turkey tureen also came from my MIL, the top half of him is in about 6 different pieces, but you'd never know. He is taped together on the inside. lol! I wouldn't use his for his original purpose as he is quite old and chipped around the rim, but I love him sitting up there, and he adds a wonderful touch of white!

Bonnie, one of my min pins, was quite put out by me photographing everything and disturbing her nap on the back of the couch. Her ears say it all. "Will you get that camera out of my face! I want to sleep!"
An antique desk that I am carrying for until one of daughters is old enough to inherit it.

our bed, (uh..duh..) in the master. I just bought this comforter and pillow set at Marshall's yesterday. I rarely splurge on things like this, but we were in desperate need of a face lift in here. The small side lamps I got at Michael's 75% off, so they were $10 each. I just love a bargain!! Hope you liked peekin'!


Angie(quillysilly) said...

What a lovely home Abbie..very cozy and comfy...just like a family home should be! Our homes are lived in and should always reflect that! Thanks for taking us on the tour..Angie

Mary said...

Hi Abbie,
I keep thinking you had stopped blogging here, so I forget to visit. Doh!

You know I love your kitchen, especially the painted cabinets and the soapstone countertop. LOL And I had to smile when I spied that little cherry pitcher...


Anke said...

Hi Abbie! What a wonderful cozy home, you did a great job making a home for your family. Smiles, Anke ;)

Joy said...

You have such a cute house. Love that antique desk and that pretty
comforter set you picked up.