Monday, July 21

As promised.. for Rachel.

The holly hocks have been growing in front of the house for a hundred years. Or so my grandmother says..
You can see a peek of the raised vegetable beds. All sorts of lettuces!
Throughout the property you can find parts and pieces stacked and displayed. I have more photos of the twisted vine you can just see a bit of in the upper right corner.
Old chicken coops stacked under the barn.
The view down the driveway, lined with maple trees.


Amber said...

Beautiful. I have lots of lettuce, but it doesn't look that picturesque! Oh, I finally posted again...take a peek.

Anke said...

Thanks Abbie for sharing those wonderful fotos! And by the way, sure love your new banner!!!!!! Smiles, Anke ;)

Anonymous said...

For me? why thank you. Gorgeous and interesting pictures. Looks heavenly "up" there. Y'all must be havin' a great summer. wish I could be there.

amanda said...

How wonderful! It's beautiful! What a great escape... Thanks for sharing!


Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Abbie!

Oh what beautiful photos! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a lovely day!



rachel whetzel said...

Well, I'm not the Rachel you posted for, but these are just beautiful!