Monday, August 25

Busy hands...

I have been busy working on crafty bits to decorate my home for the upcoming season of 'Boo!'. the mood has struck, and if I don't go with it, I'll never get anything done! so far I have made several (4) pillows (embroidered and appliqued), painted two grungy boxes, assembled a witchy portrait, created a ghostie from some vintage lace and antique Victorian jet buttons and made several rag garlands. There are so many more ideas in my folder! So this is where I have been lately.. creating for my family and home. It is more enjoyable than creating things to sell.
I hope at some point to post some of the templates that I created.
Hope everyone else is enjoying some creative time!


Anke said...

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!! Especially if you got caught in the creative flow!!!!!! The sneak peak looks already wonderful! I bet your kids are already sooooo excited! Have fun creating!!!!!! Big smile, Anke ;)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love the lacey ghost! Can't wait to see more! You inspire me. Have a great day. Twyla

ELLIE said...

Hey Abbie - long long time - so sorry I have not gotten in touch sooner...puter crashed and I lost all my bookmarks of pages - slowly but surely I am finding everyone and their pages and email addresses...thanks for worrying about me - being sick is never fun but right now I am just taking things one day at a is all I can do...BTW- in case I did not tell you I received your lil surprise package way back when and it was awesome!!! I owe soon as I get myself and life together--geez!! please stay in touch - hopefully i will get back to blogging soon - it just takes so much out of me to sit at the puter still....take care - and BTW - love love love the halloween stuffies - you are just so creative - I love it all!!!

Mary said...

Oh Lord, I can't possibly think of Halloween yet. You are GOOD, girl! I just struggle week to week to get the house cleaned...

I love all your creations, Abbie. You are really multi-talented!