Wednesday, September 24

The first day..

Well, this morning I shipped my three year old off to preschool for the entire day! My 15 month old is sleeping and the house is completely still. Not something that happens very often.. even the dogs sense the peace and quiet and dare not disturb it. (they love to bark at the passing vehicles on the road) So, for now, Mondays and Wednesdays are my 'quiet, regroup, find my sanity' days. Something I found that was missing from my day was music. I LOVE music. I'll listen to anything but prefer bands like Depeche Mode, the Killers, etc.. We have a rediculous number of music channels with our cable so I have been putting it on my favorite (turning the TV off it plays through our stereo system) and letting it run all day. It helps. I have been happier and the girls have been playing, eating, and interacting better without the TV in the background. It is the small changes that seem to be helping my days. It will be nice when my wee one starts walking. 15 months and still nothing. She can stand by herself so it's coming, but it is quite exhausting hauling her all over the place. I am working on a giveaway over at Button Floozies and still posting images daily (or trying) to The Vintage Moth. I'd love to reopen my Etsy shop someday but not exactly sure what I'd offer. The antique papers, etc are all over Etsy and I'd like to do something a little different. Not sure what yet. Something handmade perhaps.. We'll see.

Off to enjoy more quiet time..


Lisa said...

I hope you were able to be a little creative today in your nice free time : )

ELLIE said...

That is wonderful - to have some quiet time to relax,regroup,be creative...or just let your mind rest - so very nice!! I hope it helps you as you need it -
As for your shop - knowing you - you will come up with something fantastic!
Thanks for your encouraging words and staying in touch...take care dear friend~!~

Mary said...

Hi Abbie,
I can remember those days when three hours of quiet time twice a week was pure heaven! I'm glad you told me about this blog, and I will be sure to drop by often. I hope your husband is OK now, and your brother is safe... It sounds like you have a LOT on your plate, and I'm glad you are finding a little creative time just for you!

amanda said...

Hi Abbie!

I just found your new home through plaxo...

Oh, I am so jealous! My 9 month old has been standing & letting go, and the walking is not far behind, I fear. And the 3 year old is... a 3 year old. And there is no quiet, unless it's 5am. And I've been too tired to enjoy anything at 5am!

You must be thrilled! Yay for quiet time and regrouping! You've been needing it for a while now.

Hope things are going better with your hubby and your family!

Talk soon,