Saturday, September 27

Something wicked this way came.

Cat Scratch Fever. That is what my husband had. We don't have cats, but he had visited some friends of ours about 6 days before he got sick and they do. My girls are sick. Really sick. Coughing, sneezing, can't breathe through their noses, and the little one has a throaty chesty rattle. Fevers. Let's not forget the fevers. Oh, the past few weeks have not been fun. For over three weeks now someone has been sick. The nights are getting longer and I can't seem to get everyone to sleep for any length of time. So, momma hasn't had much rest. The girls don't seem to nap at the same time, if they did, then so would I. Aahh well. C'est La Vie! What else would I do if I didn't have people to care for?
On to brighter notes, please follow the link for the giveaway at my alter ego blog, Button Floozies. It's right there on my sidebar. :) OK, I'm off to fix lunch and decide what to make for dinner. Perhaps chicken pot pie. I make a mean pot pie from scratch. Uuuggh.. perhaps 'from scratch' isn't a good way to put it.


ELLIE said...

WOW - how long was hunnie suffering with cat scratch fever - I had lyme's disease which I think is along the same lines about 23 years ago - that was insane never thought I would get over it - hope everyone is feeling better in your home!!!
take care of you!!

Anke said...

HI Abbie, never heard about that fever but it sure sounds pretty serious, I hope everybody will be better soon! With 3 kids no fun! Here in Germany is a cold flu going around too.......we already had it, but good thing not that bad, more to come soon I'm sure. Glad to hear though they know now what is wrong with your husband, must be a relieve for you too, even it's not fun taking care of the spreading fever. So get all the rest you can, right now!!!!! Some more power from here, smiles, Anke ;)

Rhondamum said...

You do have your hands full, and I am so sorry to hear that everyone has been so sick. My grandmother had cat scratch fever once, and all I can think of is the song from the 70's. Hope everyone is doing better, and SO GLAD that you have a "new place" where I can visit you! Take care of yourself!


pussman said...

That house looks a bit creepy isn't it?
Lovely blog :)