Tuesday, October 28

Digital Journal Journey Page 4

Snow! Snow.. tonight it is suppose to snow! The photo background above is our garden. The cherry tomatoes have seen better days, yes? They were so good! The kids loved to go out and pick them, popping a few in their mouths at the same time. The leaves are from the fabulous Kathryn, the Collage Diva. You should take some time and browse through her blog.. inspiration and goodies are all over the place! The other images I used are available at The Vintage Moth.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic time getting ready for Halloween! It is right around the corner!



I am considering creating custom blog banners and layouts for people. My first few will be offered free of charge, as long as I can use it as an example of my work. Anyone interested in a blog makeover? Just email me.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Lovely picture. Send some of that snow down this way. Since we moved to Alabama I rarely see snow.

Tara said...


You are always so creative! It was fun catching up on your posts and seeing what you have been up to!

Three Catanzaros said...

Nikon? Cool! Have to show me the goods:)

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Ackkkk! Say it ain't snow.

Amber said...

snow? say it ain't so. I live 7 minutes from Mt Sunapee and haven't skied since before BL was born. So sad.

Anke said...

OH a new 'toy"! Enjoy it!!!!! Looking forward to see the photos to you take with it!
The banner idea is great, you really have a great talent for that, why not selling this service....I wish you great luck with it.....fingers crossed.
We are suppose to get snow too towards the weekend.......arghhh not really looking forward toooooo, so let's see. Maybe the weather guy was wrong....that's what I hope for. Wish you a great and fun day with your new camera! SMiles and hugs your way, Anke ;)

Rhondamum said...

Oh no! Here it comes again, the snow. I hope that it is a better winter for you this year, although I always loved your pics from last winter. I really love the page that you did but that is usual for me with your work!