Sunday, October 5

Note to self..a must read.

An author that comes highly recommended by my dad. Yep. My dad. So, although I have very little time for any endeavours that do not include runny noses or the vacuum, I think I'll
give it a try. Has anyone read any of Bill Bryson's books? He lives (or lived) in Hanover, NH, not too far from us.


Amber said...

Since Sy and our best friend Baltimore Jack are both AT through-hikers, they think this book is a load of hooey and that Bill Bryson is a joke and a faker. I, however, laughed so hard I almost fell of the sofa when I read this book! I agree that it's a must read (just don't believe everything you read.)

Mary said...

He is hysterical -- you will love him!

Susan Hickam said...

I have not heard of this author but something tells me I would enjoy this book. I loved Walk Across America. Did you ever read that?