Monday, November 24

a Thankgiving Gift for you..

This lovely turkey image is for my personal blog readers. Thank you for visiting! My time is spread thin because of my other blogs, and I feel I have been neglecting you. My posts have gotten a bit different lately as I am having a great time playing with my camera. We will return to our regularly scheduled crappy posts soon! :) I think I'll take a break from my posts for a few days and spend my time visiting everyone that I am so Thankful for in Bloglandia.

The picture above I took a few years ago. The corn we were feeding them obviously was not as tasty as the what the little birds were getting.




KathrynAntyr said...

What a cool photo! Thanks for the great turkey illustration.

Know that I'm grateful for all that you do to bring magic to blogland!

xoxo k

Kathleen Grace said...

That is a great image Abbie, thanks! You know, I never saw a wild turkey until the last ten years, and I have always lived in fairly rural areas. Now we have them in our yard and I see them fairly often. They are so much prettier than the ones raised for meat. I was surprised at how streamlined the wild ones look. I think they are beautiful birds!

Lorilee said...

I love the photo of the turkey at the feeder! I am an avid birdwatcher!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You are unbelievably generous, my dear. This is so cool, too. I've been looking at turkeys for a project that I'm doing. I think this one is going to make the cut. Thanks!

Enjoy your time off...visiting much fun and such time gobbler (pardon the pun), especially this week.

tam said...

That is a great photo! Lol-I love it!
Happy Thanksgiving!
~Tam :D

Anke said...

Lol! They know too what's good I guess! He/she probably saw all the birds going for it and thought, hey that must be awesome food, so let's get some! Wish you and your family a great Thanksgiving this year! Hope it won't be to stressful preparing for it!
Smiles, Anke ;)

Tara said...


what a great dhot! I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with your kiddies and family!

Tara said...

You know i meant great SHOT!

Rhondamum said...

Thank you for the turkey, gobble gobble. I am still very jealous of your home tucked away in the snow.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and know that you are one of the people in this world I am very thankful for!

God Bless!