Wednesday, December 3

Thank you..

Bev, Lisa and Anke passed along this very lovely Marie Antoinette award to me and I thank them dearly!

Instead of passing the award along, I am going to highlight some of most favorite friends, artists, photographers that I have had the honor to get to know through blogging. Please visit them, you won't be disappointed!

1. The Collage Diva herself, Kathryn, her art is full of color, form and passion. Someday soon I hope for her and I to meet, chat and share.

2. Randel Plowman if you haven't had the chance stop by to see his work, please do, it is nothing but collage and FABULOUS!

3. Amanda Churchill -a magnificent pro photographer and momma all bundled into one gorgeous package! I have watched her develope and grow her dreams! She is an inspiration for any woman wondering if they can do it all.

4. Anke Martin - another woman who does it all! Pregnant with her third child, she just opened her art studio for instruction. A marvelous photographer and mixed media artist from across the ocean. Hugs Anke!

5. RhondaMum - Honest, true and lovely, I have watched Rhonda start her blog, open her shop and blossom as an artist!

and a few giants in the land of blog that are so huge most have found them but if you have not, their blogs are worth the visual journey...

Sandra Everston, Vanessa Valencia, and Amanda Soule.

The list goes on and if I highlighted everyone I'd be here for days! :) Every blog on my sidebar is worth visiting. The blogs I follow in my profile... there are so many! and so many more that I just can't add to the list, it's not that they aren't fantastic, I just get dizzy thinking about it! If I had hours and hours to spend just browsing my time could be swept into Bloglandia forever.. as it is, I spend too much time here.

Thank you for the award Ladies!




Dream With the Fishes said...

Congratulations to you!! Serena

KathrynAntyr said...

Oh how fun it will be when we get to chat in person. Many thanks for the lovely attention. I'm all smiles.

Anke said...

Oh Abbie you are sooo welcome! And thanks also!!!!! I'm hanging in there.....I wished the first 14 weeks would be over already but for some reason the time goes soooo slow right now................enjoy decorating! Looking forward to see some more peeks from your home, smiles and hugs, Anke ;)

amanda said...

Oh, Abbie - you are so sweet! Thank you thank you for all your kind words and continuous encouragement! You, too, are an amazing woman and a tremendous inspiration to me!

Much love,