Saturday, January 10

Mad Dash!

I am on a mad dash to finish an afghan that I started way back in November. Nothing fancy, simple double crochet, soft off white yarn. I planned on using it in the family room to brighten up our dark plaid couches, but I didn't plan very well. White afghan, three dogs with black hair. What was I thinking??? It might end up in our bedroom, but perhaps I'll still use it in the LR. It'll just need to be washed every few days or at least run through the dryer. I have also finished decorating the red living room for the time being. Here is a before shot (you can see more before shots HERE).

And here are the after photos.

Let's see.. the brown beast of a recliner came out of the family room to make way for my new chair shown further below. Also added were a pair of lamps to either end of the bookcase for reading or task lighting. The only lights before were the ceiling spots and they were very hard to work/read by in the evening.

I actually really like them, it makes the ends of the cabinet function more like end tables. I love the little birds on the lamps!

The other really wonderful addition is the ottoman. It stores all of my magazines nicely and it is super comfy as a foot rest. Also, there are no sharp edges for small heads to bang into. With toddlers around, have to keep function in mind!
Below is the before pic of the family room before the switch of the chairs. I really didn't care for the leather one. It was too big! My feet would swing and I felt like a school child who just got into trouble.

The new chair is lighter (obviously) and it rocks and spins. Very convenient as now I can swivel it to see the TV or what's going on outside.

I haven't looked for an end table yet. But having spent all of my Christmas money already it'll have to wait. The step stool there now works well and is light enough for me to move it quickly out of the way when I spin the chair. Well, that will be the end of the house pics for a while. Now that my large projects are finished and I am content at the moment with how things look, it's time to focus on my art more.

Anyone else having huge problems with HGTV's new site?? I have lost all of my Rate My Space pages. Not impressed at all! That took a lot of work! Hopefully they'll get the kinks worked out.



Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh I really like the way that you've added lamps to the bookcase and that you're using the bookcase as an end table of sorts. Looks very nice and that ottoman with storage...great idea!

Anke said...

Wonderful,Abbie you can tell there is in every detail love......I really enjoyed checking your 'new' home out! Thanks for sharing it! It's so inspiring!
Smiles, Anke ;)

Amber said...

I love the new "red" room, the furniture arrangement works much better! We do need to get together schedule at work has changed and now I'm available on Fridays instead of Mondays. I hope that will work for you one of these days. Also, I'm gone the 21-26th of this month to Utah for work (going from one snowy place to another!) Happy New Year!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Your home is gorgeous!

I'm a graphic designer also and just found your blog. Don't know how I haven't seen all your great downloads before. Then I popped over here to see your pretty house. Love your blogs! I'll be featuring you on my free download section. Great resources. Thanks!

LuckyMe said...

Thanks for the clip art. The new lamps are fabulous. I loved browsing around your comfy interesting home! Great blog!

Mary said...

Oh Abbie, I LOVE those lamps, with the little birds! I know just what you mean about those large leather recliners. My husband has one -- I always feel like I'm in the dentist's chair when I sit in it. But luckily, our cat is scratching the devil out of it, and I figure if I wait long enough, it will just fall apart... LOL

leah said...

My husband are planning to build a similar style home at the end of the year. Any tips or things to keep in mind?

CheekyCharm said...

I adore the red walls!