Wednesday, May 20

In a nutshell..

I was outside with the kids the other day and despite my complete lack of creativity, I grabbed my camera on the way out the door. Above is a shot of the blackberry brambles that wrap around our backyard. They are nasty, but have supplied us with many blackberry treats and jellies.
This is a micro shot of the moss and tiny seedlings sprouting on our stonewall. It amazes me to no end how complex and precarious life is.
I spent a few days in Ottawa during the beginning of the month visiting my father. It was the Tulip Festival so I had to throw in a tulip photo.
Our apple trees are in blossom as well. This lovely sits outside my kitchen window.. the spring breeze carries it's fragrance all over our yard.
I had to drag the pots I had on the deck into the 3 season porch the other evening. It got down to 30 degrees and the frost would not have tread kindly on my tomatoes.
Last fall I made the tiny pillow sitting in the little chair. It makes me happy. We also have chickens now! They are so fabulous! They make me happy too.. I'll get some pics up for you when time allows..
Hope everyone is out, enjoying the world!


Merisi said...

Oh what a beautiful happy post -
made me happy too! Thank you. :-)

Amber said...

Welcome back! We're getting our honey bees next weekend and adding chickens next spring...the fancy ones with Cruella DeVil feathers. I figure if I'm gonna have chickens, they might as well be fancy.

Vee said...

Ahhh, you have fairy rings growing in your moss. Do you know how to make them? Your children would love that!

Ottawa? My goodness, you've been traveling again. Good time to arrive during the tulip festival.

Chickens? You've gone and brought home chickens. What kind? What do the kids think? Hubby? Mother-in-law? Hope we get to see them soon.

Wonderful to see you back, Abbie!

Tara said...


But it looks like it is getting to be spring up north!

Anke said...

HI Abbie, so great to see a sign from you again. Hope you are doing great! Love your new photos!!!!And yes it's amazing how wonderful nature is in all it's details.
Sounds like you still have cold nights....we already have kind of summer weather. It's wonderful after that hard grey winter. We enjoy it all the way. The family including me is doing good, a couple of more weeks and our number 3 will be out. End of May I will take a break from my classes till September. It's kind of nice but I also will miss it. But time flies with 3 kids I'm sure, you probably know that's all news for now, I wish you a great sunday and enjoy spring exploding into the full!
Smiles and lot's of green, warm greetings over to you!
Smiles and hugs, Anke ;)

Tammara said...

Abbie, your blog absoluelty rocks! I am in awe (and envious) of your mixed media artistic style. I also LOVE your other blog and totally raided it for downloads. I'll be sure to leave you a URL where you can see the results. THanks tons!

madrekarin said...

Welcome back, Abbie! You were very much missed. :) You have chickens?! Welcome to the club. ;) They are wonderful little creatures, are they not?
Your photos are beautiful. I'd say yoru creativity is just fine. Glad to see you posting once again.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Beautiful photos!

Abi said...

Hi Abbie
I discovered your blogs yesterday, I enjoyed reading them, and looking at the glorious pictures!

I would also like to pass on this award I received today:
The 'one lovely blog award'
The badge and details have just been posted on my blog....(if you have time!)
Best wishes

Sondra said...

your peas look yummy! how wonderful that they are ready already! :) enjoy!


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